back…at least trying to get back…

June 25, 2008

It’s been a while – a long while! And a whole lot has happened and been felt since my snow peas moment. Well, I finally graduated! Can someone say amen to no more mundane business studies!!! It’s all over!!! Got back home…working with what I now term as “bundus and drama inc”…lets call it B&D shall we? Had some emotional run ins as well. So where to start? B&D has me going to interesting places – North Eastern, down in southern Kenya where the elephants roam…enough baby elephants to satisfy my “aaaaw baby elies are soooo cute” phase! I have also been trying to figure out why it is that I feel cold in this Nairobi “winter”…after living in temperatures that can drop to 30 degrees below zero. It’s a very strange phenomenon. People I know have had babies, others have moved in together…others…have gotten married sans telling people they did, thus leaving the masses hearing it at random places eg petrol stations!! You can tell I was stupefied by the whole thing! So on to my ever so complicated state of matters of the heart. The fruit – lets call him the fruit for reasons only I know! The fruit is an entity I’m still trying to understand. I have now come to the very clear conclusion that fruits and kipepeo’s…well they don’t do too well together. Having said that, I feel completely horrible after a night out that included waaaaay too many drinks…I just may have led him on. I am still trying to figure out a way to disentangle myself from that little mess I successfully created for myself! The there is mr. too long who I shall now call TL. TL…hmm…TL has me contemplating being a not so nice and using him for the simple reason – its easy to do so. I know, I know, I know – that is sooo not nice, but I’m going through a phase here. (Note how I always have a “phase” as an excuse for stuff going on!). Then there is him…the cloud!! Now this! This one I don’t even know how to start dealing with because…well because its merely impossible to understand just HOW I managed to get my usually normal self into this perfectly confuddled state of affairs. Last year saw me taking a vow of non involvement. It was great! I found me, I grew into me, and all the other self revelations that I made. It’s the same thing the cloud is on. Which is fine really…from an onlookers view a la…oh, you’re vowing too? I did that last year…enjoy it and learn from it! It’s not quite the same when this person becomes “your person”. So much so that you want to tell him everything and you want him to tell you everything. It’s also not quite the same when said “person” is in a different continent which shall be the same continent in a few months although in different countries, but still…the same continent nevertheless. Worst is that you know the vow taking thing is a brilliant idea. But you also wish he didn’t take the damn vow! But then that would have meant you probably would not have known him for who he is without all the different undertones that usually happen when to people are getting to know each other (confuse? Welcome to my world!). Then there is this…you are no longer on said vow but feel like you are because you and the cloud have created this perfect little imaginary world that keeps the both of you happy but in all honesty, it not a reality! All this means that you are left in a state where – yes there are flutters. But these flutters should not be and will not amount to anything at least not when vows are in the picture. But the cloud is such and amazing person!!!! Amazing in the type of way that he writes me letters! Not emails, not facebook messages….LETTERS!! With stamps and on sheets of paper! In his own handwriting (at this point it would be good to note how much a “it’s the small things” person I am!….the letter aspect had me swooning!!) So thus my predicament and my current state of zombie confusion! Writing this, as much as it may not be very well understood by people of normal brain activity has been a tad bit therapeutic and thus shall be done again. My blogging restarts henceforth….



  1. Hey! She’s back! (yaaay!) And she’s graduated! (Congrats!) And she’s in Nairobi! (How now, bila telling me?) Great to have you back, you’ve been missed.

  2. Congrats on graduating.

    Re cold: I wondered the same, until it hit me that here it doesn’t get cold enough that we have to dress in layers, so when temps drop we still have the clothes we wear on any other day. Also, there’s no heating in houses like up north. Though in absolute terms it’s cold, I’m glad relatively speaking it’s not as bad as it is up north!

  3. Glad to see you are back! and Congrats

  4. Werokamu! and Well done on graduating! Snail mail ha? Hmmm.

  5. i am too amazed. i cant even remember the last time i got a letter. on actual paper. with stamps. duuuuuude that is some awesome stuff right there.

    i clearly have missed alot … we need to catch up as soon as we can be online at the same time.

    also, awww, baby elephants! they sure are precious.

  6. Hope you did not stop blogging?

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