March 28, 2008

I like snow peas strangely enough!  I hated them while I was growing up…but I have fallen in love with them recently and its strange and uncanny.

Right, other than my sudden love for snow peas, miss Kipepeo here has been quite busy – thus the not blogging too much.  Well, I finally presented my thesis, did my maturity test and now just waiting for my graduation date to come round.  With my excitement of actually finally finishing, a sense of impending doom has been creeping up on me.  Quarter life crisis hello….So I find myself asking myself a gazillion questions….the biggest one being….so what next?  See with globalisation, the world is that much smaller and I would basically be able to go anywhere.  But where and how?  And do I want to do my masters straight away or do I want to have a school break first.  If I do take a break, who’s going to hire me.  And if I get hired, hello!!  I have a degree so it better not be some job busting tables or anything like that.  But then who’s going to give me a decent job with just one degree….and the endless questions go on and on and on like an annoying energizer bunny.  So as I took a break from asking myself all these questions, my girlfriends and I were in the super market.  I was carrying a packet of tomato soup and trying to decide whether I wanted to buy ham or salami to go with my rice cakes.  When the head of international….uhm…..something?  Don’t really know what exactly came up to me.  He explained that the Finnish minister of migration and european affairs was coming to give a talk at our uni about the whole international students and jobs etc and he would like for me to say a few words after that.  So being me, ofcourse I agreed.  So that was what I was up to today.

So there are alot of things to talk about when you think about international students in Finland and the whole work thing.  So firstly they are talking about increasing the number of hours international students can work…thats all well and good, but there are no  jobs for international students so even if they did increase them, it really doesn’t make a difference.  Then what is really interesting for me…the Finnish government has highly subsidized education for all including the international students – when I say highly, I mean completely!!  I don’t know how they can afford it.  Of course you pay in other ways but thats not the point I’m trying to make.  So they do this, and they offer some english programmes, albeit they are not too many, but the number of programmes being offered in english is growing.  So you get your Finnish degree which is something as they are high up there in education rankings.  Then, because you can’t find a job here in Finland, you take your amazing Finnish degree and leave and take your knowledge to another place.  You can’t find a job because of the language.  Now finnish is like no other language.  It’s related to nothing but maybe Hungarian.  The population of Finland is 5 million and no other country speaks their language.   Ask me to learn French or Spanish and thats a different story.  But Finnish???  I doubt it.  And many more like me don’t bother to learn the language.  Then the country realises – oh sh**, we’re going to have a huge problem with the workforce because we just don’t have enough babies being born.  There are 400,000 people leaving the workforce due to retirement than there are young people getting into the workforce.  Thats a big number for a country with such a small population.  So now they are thinking about outsourcing workers.  Then I ask.  You educate all these people to your standards, they know your system are used to living here, then you literally kick them out because they can’t find jobs and you turn around and go looking for people to work?  I don’t know, but that doesn’t make too much sense to me.  So this lady spoke and said how the key is in language.  Now there are many reasons why people come to Finland.  A big one is love.  You meet a Finnish person, fall in love and move to Finland.  Of course you have to learn the language.  You chose that life and have to fit in.  But for me a student its different.  My degree is in english, you decided to give you tax money for the purpose of educating me, hey good for me.   If I can’t find a job, I don’t need to stay.  I just take my degree and leave.  Simple.  But I guess the world isn’t that simple and isn’t all black and white – its all about the greys in between….



  1. Hey gal congrats in advance as you await to graduate. Eeish I think some countries should start learning to be open to other cultures.

  2. Congrats on completing your thesis. Cool stuff :).

    I suppose it makes sense for you to learn Finnish as you go to school there. Even if its a class a day during your entire course.. lol, or date a Finn to make learning the language easier.

    Good luck in your job search:-d

  3. interesting manenos.

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