February 9, 2008

While my country is trying to find peace, I have to put up with nonsense about it.  Last night, while I was slightly tipsy on wine, this person from country X in Africa decides to put a cigarette to my face!!!!  Well it didn’t touch me, but it almost did.  And I’m a peace loving person.  Really I am.  But you just don’t pull things like that.  So off I went, asking him why on earth he would do something like that.  And he pushes me!!!  I stood there for about half a second and then went off at him.  I, Kipepeo, was almost in a fight!!!  So then he goes…”yeah you’re country is war torn anyway, so fight me.”  That right there, was not something I would take lightly, so as I blew my top in disbelief….flashes of me actually hitting him crossed my mind!  I cannot believe it.  But I didn’t.  I almost went to the cops though.  I still can’t believe it.  He pushes me and then has a go at me about how my country is war torn??  Seriously!!!  Some people need to grow up!  Better yet, maybe not even open their mouths!



  1. I would have right up smacked his/her offending mouth!

  2. I concur! I’d hava smacked the silly right off his face! With such ignorance, it’s evident that he heard about Kenya for the very first time once the violence became headline news on CNN. Don’t take crap from anyone.

  3. righteous anger….

  4. Hello Kipepeo,

    Nice work. You’re obviously much more
    hardworking at this blog business than
    I am. Thanks for the big up!

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