rant on…

January 20, 2008

So I’m back in Finland.  Yes blogging has gone a bit dead for me.  With being an intern and running around the Kenyan countryside to places with phone network, let alone internet, blogging became a rumour.  But maybe I’m back, well almost, well until my blogging mojo gets back to where it used to be.  I’m not quite there yet truth be told.

So, Kenya was great apart from the last like 2 weeks of my stay there.  One of which was spent in what felt like house arrest.  Honestly, I am so pissed with everything, with the lie in what we thought was democracy, with the leaders, no scratch that, politicians who have nobody else’s interests at heart but their own.  I’m sick of them all.  I’m sick of seeing my country on international news up there right next to Iraq and Pakistan.  I’m sick of things like “killing fields”, “genocide” and all the other morbid words being used in reference to my country.  I’m sick of it all.   I hate the violence, I hate the tribalism, I hate what we’ve all been reduced to.  And yes, as much as I blame our good for nothing politicians, I blame us.  I blame that person who goes on to burn someone’s kiosk, who goes on to loot, who goes on to raise a finger to a person of another tribe!  I blame that person almost as much as I blame the politicians.  These politicians who will never care about their people – clearly they don’t if they can sit and watch or sit and use their nation as sacrificial lambs all for the sake of this “power” that seems to have totally possessed them!  It’s disgusting!!


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