waiting for the dust to settle

November 19, 2007

The worst thing ever is a Monday morning in the office suffering from lack of sleep and still feeling the hangover from a rough Saturday!!  When I say I don’t drink tequila…I know why!!  One shot had me sick for the whole darn weekend.  Plus you were traveling the next day – Sunday…. Oh and you’ve got bruises you have no idea where you got them from. Worse still is knowing you had a fight with someone special…well things that you did feel but don’t talk about them or bring them up because that’s just how you are…and the trust issues come out and all the rest of it…and you wish you hadn’t started it.  Because that is exactly the reason why you didn’t want to start it in the first place – you didn’t want to get into the fighting and exchanging words and all the tears, hate and anger!  And you wonder what it’s all about.  And you can’t reverse it and now you have to spend an eternity trying to explain what you meant by all that and why you feel like you do…its just better left unsaid sometimes.  But it’s done!  I wish it wasn’t, but it is.  It was just one of those weekends that had enough happenings to write a whole book!!  So I guess the wait to see what happens now begins…the worst bit…that calm after the storm.  When there is all this smoke and dust and you just have to wait for it all to settle so you can see just how much damage there is.  When there is this silence that is deafening and your heartbeat sounds unnaturally loud in your ears and this feeling of impending doom washes over you, but there is nothing more you can do but just stand there all alone and wait.



  1. {{{{Kips}}}}

  2. has the dust settled?

  3. Hope you luck!

  4. duuuuude……do I so fucking feel you…….hope your waiting yields better fruits than what I suspect mine will. Keep the faith tho.maybeit needed 2 b sed….(do I sound convincing……not really huh…….thot not……expletive!!)

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