November 7, 2007

This is a really really cool site…ever since I could, I’ve been popping bubble wrap…its therapeutic so this site makes life in an office a little more bearable!!  Just came back from the field:

Why do only white people have really cool lodges?

I was told of this woman who was killed by an elephant, then eaten by a lion and all they found of her was beads because the hyena’s had taken off with her bones…cringe!!

How come I always get everyone’s flu?

How come in funny cheap hotels when you ask for lemon tea they boil the lemon in the tea for soooo damn long it becomes pungent and undrinkable?

How come cheap hotels have no sense of colour scheming?

I really wonder what it feels like to be not able to read!?

How come people don’t clean up stuff around their homes?  Walking through garbage everyday as I step into my home doesn’t seem too cool to me!

Where do the beads maasai’s use come from?

Why is Kenyan food so boring?  Well apart from the coast.

How come people build their houses squiff?  Can’t they see?

Why do humans have to be so darn complex?

I just found out there are only 12 lions in the nairobi national park!  12!!!  seriously!! (a la greys anatomy)



  1. Wooiye, where did all the lions go? maybe Kalembe Ndile sent all of them to malasyia or was it china? why are we exporting animals we dont have?

    Ok my very own random:
    Why are those safaricom grandmothers so active?
    Welcome back from the field

  2. Kenyan food boring? hmmmm….where have you been lunching lately?

  3. been gone for a minute. hope you settled your fight.

    mostly, because they have more money to go around… as wealth distribution increases miros will soon have good lodges.

    girl don’t be going to cheap hotels. In fact, it might just be for the best (hygiene) that the water and lemon are overboiled.

    Lately, I have been getting everyone’s flu :(– worst feeling!!

    I have a story about a dirty house– wacha I come round to blogging about it.

    Nooo– Kenyan food is not boring!! Just last night Sands made ug, mboga and fried (Roycoed) meat– I mean c’mon!!!

    (lol , I should holler @ u on fb)

  4. I agree on Kenyan food. Recently I found that coastal dishes are the only ones I recommend to people visiting from elsewhere. When I get tired of this everyday (which is every day) I usually get me some biryani. Never ever disappointed.

  5. People, Kenyan food boring? Y’all have been eating the wrong food in all the wrong places. Trust me. Ever heard of chapos? 😀

    And, did you mean that there are ALL OF 12 lions at the park? That’s much more than I thouhght there were!

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