November 2, 2007

Boy does time fly.  It’s been almost a month since I blogged!  So much has been going on though.  I am loving my internship.  Despite the times I feel like I could just drop from exhaustion, I love it.  I get to go out into the field which is totally what I love.  Don’t have to sit in the office from 8 to 5 every day.  It’s fabulous.  So far I’ve been to Laikipia, nyeri, nanyuki, amboseli, namanga.  Not just to these places but all around them.  To places where there is no network apart from the few and far between hot spots that you may find.  You will know coz you find a whole group of people huddled around a rock trying to catch network and when they do you move your head to the phone not the other way round.  It’s hilarious.  I have slept in missions because there is nowhere else to sleep in some of these places, eaten at places where a full meal for six – including soup costs 300 bob…yes thats for everyone and everything.  I have been hit on by moraans.  Tried on the full beaded neck piece (those things are heavy!!!!).  I have learnt a few maasai words, learnt to deal with consultants, bargained for goats, fought for women to be included in meetings…all in all its been a great experience.  Of course had a little break with the folks, drove to arusha, then to dar then took the ferry to zanzibar and back again.  It was great to see the country side…its all so different from Kenya and they have a really different mentality.

Other than that, not much time for my social life, but the little time there is, the berry man is always there.  And why when you don’t really want anything serious thats when all these people come around?  And why do I feel a bit far removed from issues around me?  And how come there is no feelings of hate where I thought there would be?  And why do I keep dreaming about baby elephants?



  1. Am 1st! back in form already!
    I know what it feels to be in the field! Its lovely! Enjoy my dear

  2. baby elephants, tough one that….

  3. nice post… I feel you

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