October 5, 2007

I miss living by myself.  I miss doing what I want, when I want to, how I want to.

I hate Kenyan transport, roads, traffic, traffic cops – it just makes getting around too much of an effort when it shouldn’t have to be!!!

I decided I really like elephants!

I am convinced I get abducted by aliens in my sleep…how else would you explain all the bruises I wake up with in the morning!

I am falling in like!

I miss the sun from my windowless work station!

I am rather happy with me at the moment – its a content feeling

I really like the color yellow

I have never been to Uhuru park and its on my to do list for whats left of the year

I don’t like pedicures….they are waaaay too ticklish!

I lost my favorite nail file



  1. hmmmmm… 🙂

  2. Well waking up with bruises is a new one, who were you fighting with

  3. i think there be many I’s in the post…..nice and self loving. COOL!!

  4. ok

  5. lol you need to take your medicine more frequently…

  6. hey missy!! my days of living alone are long gone! hehehe, now I am Boss Lady 😉

  7. do tell about the falling in like?

  8. I had this blog tabbed for some reason (ages ago) and just got around to reading it again. Sweet as and I’ll be back around when I have some time…

  9. I totally love the random thoughts..It cant get more random that this..

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