I want to live in Russia…

September 13, 2007

I would love to live in Russia so that I can have the day off for the horizontal rhumba!



  1. heeyio kipepeo.av pitiad to feel the flutter of your wings now…that post caught my eye…there is also a pal of mine leaving for Russia…cheers.

  2. Bad country unless you are in the Mafia..the weather is crap and the people too cold. Or is it coz I love Kenya too much?

  3. Book me a ticket!

  4. ni tu sitawashow ati nilitumia juala…tihiii!!

  5. This topic made very good radio jana on bbc radio one.

  6. kwani haupati any mtaani sweerie? ama work is interrupting? and why’d you have to go all the way to russia just to get some…………….thngs that thick back home?

  7. that was funny… who would have thought? Maze, a day off for that?

  8. why russia of all places?

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