September 7, 2007

Damn this flu!!!  It’s got me sneezing all over the damn place and I’ve got to blow my nose every 2 seconds!!  Me and like a gazillion tissues going for meetings…it’s a sight and a half!  But the flutters previously written about make me feel a bit better!

Oh and I am sooooooooo in love with Kidum’s music…its been on constant repeat ever since I got the cd!  However….him and I are jinxed.  Every time I want to go for his performance, something always comes up!!  Seriously…I’m beginning to wonder what on earth is going on!  But I shall keep trying.

And in the spirit of being young…I want to go water sliding.  Don’t remember the last time I went but my girlfriend just came up with the idea and now I can’t even work…all I can think about is water sliding!!  Is this normal or are these berry effects?

Talking bout Berry’s, me thinks I need a new phone…its just a thought!



  1. I’m sure you can see all the gears in my gutter abiding head grinding……the berry man makes you think about water sliding…….very Freudian dah’ling……pole for the flu. must be some international flu season, coz we’re kufaing huku as well.

  2. interesting manenos …

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