That was a weekend!!

September 3, 2007

Off to Nyeri for work today.  After an excellent weekend!  Got me a cool pair of vans!..the shoes not plural of a van…ok random tangent there.  Anyway, so my plan for Saturday was to go for Kidum.  However, I am getting the feeling the greater powers do not want me going to watch him perform.  Something always happens.  As did this Saturday, but ended up in westlands as usual.  A few too many shots and other things that I don’t really remember.  Oh and how?  Just HOW can a dj not have 5 of the songs that I really want to listen to?  Not like I wanted to hear some weird music!  No, these were just normal songs that every dj worth his salt should have!  But anyway, it’s ok!  Especially after a hard day with your boss calling you to blast you bout things that were out of your control…eg the hotel he wanted to stay in being fully booked.  How now brown cow?  What can I possibly do about that?  Anyway, it was an eventful night…as far as I can remember seeing that after a point, I have limited memory!  I blame it on the vanilla nordic ice out of the hands of a black berried hot man!  But anyway….that is a story for another day…So off to the slopes of Nyeri!!  Photos when I get back.



  1. westie wapi? was it rocking? miss the discos!!! good you had fun tho! and bosses are all like that. think they’re God but want you to perform all the miracles. Go figure!PS s’you have the blackberried hot man’s feet on polaroid as well?

  2. blackberried hot man … simu you mean ama nini ?lol

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