the joys of life

August 29, 2007

Back in this God forsaken city!!  With its traffic, gazillions of people who are convinced rushing around should be the order of the day!  I was in Namanga for a couple of days and I absolutely loved it.  I met some pretty cool people.  One of them being this crazy European lady who lives out in the middle of nowhere all by herself.  She came on holiday with her father when she was twenty, went back home and decided Kenya is the place she needed to be.  Speaks fluent Maa and Swahili, married a Maasai dude, whom she later on asked a Laibon to curse so he never returns to her, which apparently worked and thus her life…Pretty amazing.  Randomly went to Tanzania to have a local meal of chicken and grilled banana that was pretty cool with a bunch of Morans.  Oh they are simply the best.  I had my very own performance – they sang me songs and we just basically had a good time.  I got given a Maasai name – Namelok which means something like sweetness or something, got given maasai bangles.  It was basically a great experience.

But I want to go back!!!  Oh did I mention there was this hooooooooot Moran dude!  Man, now I know why all those European women fall in love with all those young morans.  Dang!!  I shall post a photo of his feet as soon as I upload photos from my camera. Yes I took a photo of his feet…I could not help myself…they were all so nice and brightly coloured with all his beaded ankle wear.

So now I’m back to doing the last touch ups of my thesis, writing a report on the Namanga workshop aaaaaaaaand writing a whole due diligence report all by my lonesome!!!   Help anyone??



  1. I Wish i had such adventure in this world.. now my makendes are stuck in a office 24-7

  2. Someone is smitten. Glad you enjoyed. Go kips kips get it…

  3. A moran with hot feet LOL! post them photos and let us see as well

  4. woie flutters, you sound so smitten….pole sana. ebu post the feet we see the nyukkah that has stolen your roho like that!!(ps, aki you sound like a stricken tourist sweetie………..lakini usijali. ebu jienjoy before you have to rudi this cold hell!!)

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