August 13, 2007

I think I’m over my cringe moment. Went out to the coffee farms of Ruiru for work – coffee farm verifiers training to be exact. The weather wasn’t great but I really enjoyed being out there and running around in the coffee even though it meant that my feet were soaked with mud to the point they turned blue from cold and dampness! But it was worth it. Spoke to a few farm workers to see if they were happy with the conditions, inspected their housing facilities. Toured the rest of the farm and the mills. Ooooh even tried my hand at coffee tasting. Let’s just say I don’t think that area was made for me. You are supposed to vaporise it kinda in your mouth – don’t know how else to explain it. Then swivel it around in your mouth and spit it out. The only part of that process that I managed to do was the swiveling in my mouth. I couldn’t seem to “vaporise” it and I couldn’t spit! How can you? It’s coffee!!! Just swallow it!

Other than that, I finally got my hands on Veronica decides to die by Paulo Coelho aaaaaand Britains Gulag which I have been really wanting to read! Oh and why can I not find Benghal or Connexion both by Lancome nor can I find Eau Torride by Givenchy anywhere???????????



  1. i don’t think then you should apply for taster jobo at breweries…hahaha…

    man i’ve been missing in action kweli…uko poa?

  2. I came saw and took notes..

  3. Coffee farms of Ruiru- familiar sights on the way to shags…apparently coffee tasters are v. v. valuable people- not everyone has it…personally, I can only think of the “coffee breath” you get if you drink really badly brewed coffee as the only downside to that job :).
    Good for you- Veronica Decides to Die is one of the best little books I’ve read. I couldn’t fnish Britain’s Gulag for months…the details of torture made me understand the reasons behind my grandparents’ generation’s ‘tribalism’. It would be hard to go through what they did without being unscarred. Some people have said it’s not the best example of the terrors faced under colonial rule, but to be honest, as a ’70s baby, 8-4-4 grad, it was the first time I’d read anything outside of History textbooks about the ‘fight for independence’.

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