August 9, 2007

OK!!!  I just want the earth to swallow me up completely and  holistically and entirely….you get the point!!  I just want to disappear.  So we were having a training session today and I was busy arranging stuff and sitting in with the training session…basically I was a busy body.  So I left my little notebook on my chair to attend to something and ….. well….my boss went and looked through it!  I mean seriously!!  First of all what on earth is he doing looking through my little flower laden notebook in the middle of a training session anyway.  But he did.  Next – hmm….I doodle and write lots a lot of the time.  So I had written this piece of …. well it was a piece of words put together.  And on the same page was stuff I was doodling in relation to his filing.  And so he put the two together…..cue a big cringe moment!!!!!!!!   And he even went on to comment on it in my little notebook aaaaaaaand mentioned it to me!!!  I just wanted to drop!!!!  The two had nothing to do with each other and somehow they look like they do…and im just very flushed and totally embarrassed!



  1. pole sana

  2. wusaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…ok isn’t that an absolute disregard for privacy on his part???

  3. He really must be a creep. So sorry

  4. what? what? your boss is a creep, not only does he read your note book but he comments? he comments! how creepy is that! is this from the old or new depratment? Pole

  5. Kwani alidhani ni blog aka comment. Discuss with him about privacy.

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