August 7, 2007

Ok, so I have decided I am going to divorce my boss!  See I have been sleeping with the enemy.  Not literally, but I have been helping this other dude out who seems like a cool person and has some sort of work ethic about him (read doesn’t come into the office at 11 and ask how work is going when there is no work).  So I am slowly making my way out of one boss’s clutches and into the others.  I am not sure how exactly to go about it, but I shall slowly make my way and put it down to my zeal to work soooo hard and wanting to learn soooo much, that I am willing to spend some extra time with another department and before my boss figures out what is going on, I shall be gone!!  I really don’t think he would mind anyway, seeing that I have to constantly harass him for work so it would come as a relief to him – me thinks!  I am resolved not to be sitting reading reports for six months – something I can do anywhere in the world at some random desk – beats the purpose of an internship really!



  1. If it aint satisfying then there is no reason to keep up with it. All the best with the new move.

    thanks! I’m slowly making my way to the other department!

  2. Am not sure I understand. Are you quiting the job or you work in a place where one can choose the supervisor?

    I want to work in a different department within the same organisation.

  3. Ok I thought I worked in the most boring office but you win! but where is the maybe?
    Good luck with the new department

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