August 6, 2007

Hope everyone had a good weekend…I did!  And now I am back for yet another week of work.  So I met someone this weekend who is part of the panAfrican movement and it got thinking.  In theory, the idea of a united Africa – a United States of Africa if you will, sounds like a fabulous idea.  But just how practical is it?  I look at my country and we are busy fighting amongst ourselves.  We have stereotypes of different tribes, eyes are raised when someone from one community marries another.  As much as I would like to think that that is not the case and we are moving on and moving away from tribalism – its not the case.  People still think about these issues.  If we don’t have this internal unity, how can we unite as a continent?  Although what a great thing it would be to have a united Africa!  I just wonder if can happen right now.


One comment

  1. hmm, sometimes i wonder if people are being serious. all well and good to want to dream but it’s good to stay in reality also. the whole east african thing has been so hard to get done let alone the kenyan version and we are supposed to think u.s of africa? hmm!

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