August 2, 2007

So I am getting closer to the end of my thesis.  It’s been way too long.  But its getting there.  I’m so glad and cannot wait for it to be over and done with.  My mr. excite my boring office life made an appearance this week.  However I was way too busy to be wow’d!  I was busy filing for people…the things interns do!

So I have been going to the gym – yes I have!!!  It feels oh so nice to run out all my intern stresses and strains on the treadmill.  Oh and tae-bo!!  I am in love!!  It’s great!  So after some time in the gym with the machines and stuff, I go in for aerobics.  Now I know I should not be laughing but oh my goodness…watching people do aerobics is simply hilarious!  Cures any bad day in seconds!  There is this lady who just dances.  Like literally, she doesn’t follow what the instructor is saying, she just dances on the spot to the music – she never ever stops, but she never ever follows the class either!

Then there is an elderly dude who whenever I feel like i cannot lift my leg one more time, all I have to do is look his way!  He just keeps going, kicks higher than I ever do and he’s older than my daddy I can imagine.  It’s crazy!!  Then there are other ones who simply have no….I don’t know what to call it but they have all their limbs flailing all over the place as if they are the only ones in the aerobics studio!  But I must say, I’m glad I’m going to the gym.  My gym instructor is nice, but really tough when he’s giving you orders.  Somehow my pleas for leniency and breaks don’t work on him no matter how hard I smile!!  But I guess that’s a good thing right?



  1. That person is an interesting one. Kwani she thinks ni disco? Hehehe!!

    The ones with flailing arms sound like me on the dance floor, a menace to society, at least the ones in the immediate vicinity! 🙂

    All the best with the new fitness regime!

  2. Gym? Why is it that gym instructors behave like military commanders? shouting at the top of their lung? Hand up! hands down! and a one a two a three! Scary!

    Eeeh: Mr excite ny boring office? 🙂 LOOOL

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