July 30, 2007

So I’m back in the office.  Working for free!  Had a luscious weekend.  As part of my daddy’s work, he has to go to all sorts of places in Kenya.  This weekend he was off to Baringo and I went along for the joy ride.  So thus set out father and daughter in a landcruiser bopping along on the road that is mostly horrific and should not have the privilege of being referred to as a road – all the way to Baringo.  The scenery is glorious!  And after being in the oh so neat and planned out western world, I really appreciate the outdoors and the wildness of it all.  To have vast expanses of land left as it has been for centuries – it’s truly amazing!

It was great to be away from Nairobi with all the traffic and people that are all busy and have no time for anything.  Talking about people in Nairobi, why is it if you are in a really busy area with people trying to get by, people see the need to touch people as they move?  Seriously!! (a la Grey’s anatomy)!!  But anyway, all the people out there in Baringo were all so nice and everyone says hello and everyone is smiling constantly.  It has become my happy place and I will build a house on the shores of Lake Baringo and live there and be surrounded by happiness and happy smiling people!!

Other than finding my happy place, nothing much of vital importance has happened in my life.  Although I havn’t seen mr. get kipepeo mumbling and fumbling in like a week, so I’m missing my office excitement!

So my good people…here is to a great week full of good things and sparkles…



  1. Glad you enjoyed “Beringo”. All the best as you settle to start kazi ya ujezi. Fab week too.

    Yes i really enjoyed “Beringow”!! hihi

  2. confirm Beringo ye keti was in sight?

    hihi Beringow was in sight! lol…that just made my day!

  3. Hey Kip, vipi vipi (I learned that from my roommate ;-). I don’t think think i ever thanked you for linking to me, so here it is: thanks. The link needs updating though: http://imanafricaninny.com . Anyhow, have fun working for free 🙂

  4. Thanks do have a great week too! Ati working for firee? And where is this that people touch others at rush hour? I miss the countryside, where the air is fresh and time actually stands still, sunday or wednesday, no difference, waa! Then Beringo ni kupoa! The gorges, the lovely windy **si ya upepo** roads, bliss i tell ya! 😀 Glad you enjoyed the countryside!

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