July 24, 2007

Ok, so this is a venting and ranting session!  I HATE NGO’S!!!!!  I really do.  They are inefficient and get gobs of money for doing nothing and all they do is write reports.  So my boss!  My boss is never here.  I had this assignment to do – write a report on another report!  Anyway, I should be going out in the field to see stuff, I can sit at a desk anywhere in the world and write a report but that’s not what I came to do!  So officially, work wise, its my second week.  I could not really harass them before.  had to play miss goody goody two shoes.  But now, oh believe it’s on!!  He shall be harassed to the point he doesn’t quite know what to do with me.  Grrrrr!!  He’s down time is over!



  1. Easy! 🙂 Hehehe! Report on another report? You know i hate paperwork!

    Lol…yeah and I’m stuck with them, but im getting used to it though

  2. wewe, if it was not for NGOs some of us would still be poor! ha ha ha ha but I agree. we get lots of money for Zip!

    Enda field

    Oh most def I am def going out into the field!!

  3. Time for change huh! Some work some dont bless those that do.

    True that.

  4. Lol @.5
    Yes when you see things aint alright someone has to step and tell them the truth.

    Amen to that!!!

  5. Tihiiii….is it only NGOs that suffer from that ailment butterfly?

    Ok, report on a report…mwehhehe, thats wrooooong. Go to the field….it will help you see that they do make a difference…not necessarily comensurate to the money they get but there is a difference. There is a difference. Yes, 60% goes to ADMIN, i.e paying Kipepeo but in all truth… Some are working, some are not….e.g can someone tell me what the heck UNHABITAT does IN KENYA besides write up on the state of the world’s cities? Me I expect them to have put up proper housing in Kibera like only in 1983 but noooooooooooooooo…… Yeah,that one for me is PERSONAL!!!!! And yes, I am ignorant…I have no clue what they do so if they have done something that I am not aware of..I apologise.
    Sasa? Now why did you tag me you?

    First of all…how come I can’t comment on your blog? or its just me that can’t find the comment button? Strange I was just having the same convo with someone about UNHABITAT just the other day. And I can tell its personal!! I tag you coz I think ur cool hehe!!

  6. NGO’s I do not know what most of them do but because most governments are not working anyway they can not work too.

  7. I know. people who work in Ngo’s complain of too much nothing to do

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