July 23, 2007

Ok, so I am done with my tag.  What is one supposed to reply to “nice time”…Someone said that to me the other day and I really had no clue on how to respond!  Secondly, what is up with Kenyan newspapers and typos and bad bad grammar?  Ban wagon instead of bandwagon and that was a headline for some article!!  They should be ashamed and hire an editor!

So it was my cousins birthday on Saturday so I was out with her and her pals.  Went for diner at habeesha (sp??)  the Ethiopian restaurant.  It wasn’t half bad actually.  Listened to some ethiopian music and watched them dance and tried to dance, although that didn’t work out too well.  Got my wine glass refilled a couple of times by the head supervisor, read head waiter who probably thought I was Ethiopian and kept sending one of the waiters with messages for me.  It was quite funny.  But apparently between a few glasses of wine, my cousin blowing out a single big candle that we had to keep relighting so she could blow out all her years and a few shots of vodka, we got quite giggly and happy by the time we got to westlands.  Where I made calls to friends I don’t remember making.  But it was a good night none the less.  Met some people I hadn’t seen in aaaaaages…like 3 or 4 years!  Talked to strangers and found random numbers on my phone the next morning!  The joys of being young!

Apart from that, I am off to Baringo this weekend with good old daddykins!!  So I shall arm myself with a camera and some sun screeen and I shall be good to go!

Have a good week all!



  1. Have fun in Baringo!!! That Honey Wine they serve at Ethiopian restaurants can sneak up on you!!

  2. I once attended a bash at Ethiopian restaurants and yes I really liked it and the dance for clap hands too. Enjoy the Beringo ye keti(Gidis) place and sure those photos.

  3. A lovely week to you too! Mbishas we await! 🙂

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