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July 16, 2007

Ok, I know, I know, it’s been a while since I blogged, read blogs, or anything else to do with blogs! I was on a break!

Got back to Kenya in the height of British like weather…grey and dull with everyone sniffling with the monster flu that is making it’s rounds in Nairobi. It’s good to be back, to watch amazing Kenyan news – nobody does news like the Kenyans…simply hilarious! The not so good mungiki killings, three of which have happened around my home – not nice at all!! Smoking bans, oh is it true you get arrested for carrying paper bags? What happens if I just came from the shops? But most of all – Kenyan roads and traffic!!!! I hate driving in this place. You have to avoid potholes, pedestrians, cyclists, think for yourself and all the other drivers and try and imagine what traffic signs there should be at different places so as to obey them even though they are not there – you can tell there has been a bad experience.

Other than that of course as usual, NGO’s are amazingly disorganized and even after approving my internship start date months ago, I arrive to them all fluffing and wondering what to do as if they didn’t know, this coupled with others who think they are some sort of gift to the working environment…grrrr….and grrrr some more, but I’m here even though I felt like I harassed them quite a bit, I mean hey, I’m not the type to sit back and just let things happen at snails pace. It’s not my problem they are inefficient.

I had almost forgotten how friendly everyone is at home with a warmth to them that you tend to forget when you leave. Everyone shakes hands and personal space is a lot less around here. Today alone I have had two situations that left me a bit ruffled. I seem to have picked this European thing of standing a bit away and any bodily contact apart from with family or very close friends is a bit disturbing for me. So when someone in the office hugs you…uhm…cue rapid blinks from me…I don’t know exactly how to react. Or when someone you meet for the first time lingers with the hand shake as he strokes your hand, let’s just say it ruffles my feathers a little bit. I guess it just needs some getting used to after being with cold Europeans or rather different people who keep things at a distance.

Then I joined the gym. Now the gym I joined is somewhere between mental’s
two extremes of gym’s. It’s not the Hilton, charge your ipod type gym, neither is it the chuma jo! Gym. It’s just a gym…don’t know what the showers look like because I have never tried them – not ready for shocks. But they have the basic machines and a good tae bo instructor with a space to do tae bo. And frankly thats all I need. Couldn’t be bothered to pay gobs for things I don’t use…double crunch machine anyone??!!

Apart from that, I am reading Wangari Mathai’s biography – unbowed! Oh excellent read – get your hands on a copy of it please everyone. Then I happened to go to Nyeri to see my mothers tree’s and right to all the places Wangari talks about in her book. With the green hills and valleys and you can actually see all the deforestation that has taken place over the years and I could only imagine how beautiful it must have all been before all the trees were cut down.

What else…? Well my phone and I seem to have a problem. I never hear it and I keep leaving it all over the place. Which means I have everyone from my family to friends biting my head off every time I see them about how bad I am with my phone and replying texts and other such issues! In my defense, uhm….I was on holiday. Technology messes that flow. But I shall strive to improve my communication skills. Which said skills get me to hook up with cool milo like people who know about awesome gigs like Eric Wainaina. Said milo is still owed a coffee. I do not forget!! Even if I have to bring him a coffee to go in a cardboard cup! It shall be done!

Oh and I’m still sulking that I didn’t get to go for TED Arusha!! sniff sniff. But here’s to Baringo next weekend and a whole lot of field work for me….



  1. that was one helluva of a break. gr8 2 c u bak… and thx 4 the heads-up … hehe, might need it rather soon… and if baridi is as you describe, would you kindly hook me up with a coffee, milo style? 🙂

    Lol…coffee shall kindly be granted – no worries!!

  2. Finally there you are!!!! Haujibu simu, haujibu sms, is vipi? Me I thought you’d relocated to Turkana or something!

    Don’t even mention driving in Nairobi…I have a post coming up soon about that. It’s a nightmare every single day.

    There’s still coffee and blackforest pending…

    My dear!! I know I know…I plead guilty! and I thus take my blackforest punishment. I’m off to Baringo this weekend, but when I get back…we are on!!

  3. Glad your having loads of fun…tee hee phones are over-rated ESP. when you’re on vacation!

    Thank you!! I fully agree…they are way over-rated!!

  4. Kumbe huko ndio ulienda! I hope you are enjoying yourself to the max. And yes, you were right about who I am.

    Moving on,

    You, my friend have been tagged!

    Haha!! I am smarter than I thought!! I am enjoying myself to the max my dear! And I shall do my tag in a bit!!

  5. Sounds like you are having a blast!! Thanks for the tag!!

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