A rose is still a rose…

June 5, 2007

I love my family, I really do.   There is nothing better than spending time with them.  However…for some reason over the years, they have gotten to regard me as that person that listens to everyone’s problems, worries and concerns.  With less than a week to go, I’ve got emails about crises that are going on.  Some petty some not so petty and some BIG ones.  Sometimes it gets a bit too much.  All of them just unloading their woes on me.  And I really would like to help but most times I can’t and besides they just need someone to hear them out I guess.  So my phone has been beeping with all these messages and as much as I’m looking forward to being home.  I’m not sure I’m looking forward to having to listen to all of it.  Being away means my life is mine as selfish as that sounds.  But I just sort of get on with what needs to be done and I can love everyone from afar.  But on the other hand…that’s family and a rose comes with all its thorns but is still as beautiful as ever.  So I put on my encouraging tone and try to make everyone feel better in whichever way I can.  It’s all I can do and I’m sure in my own little way, I am a little comfort to them.



  1. for real, there is so many which we are alike :-D. Anyways, I have resigned myself in that position… it is hard sometime. no advice there….

  2. Stop writing about me!!! You must be a middle child…

  3. You choose your friends but family you get at birth. With all their shortcomings et al i love them to bits since no matter what i know that i have them and nothing beats unconditional love…whhat do you say?

  4. You’ll be fine!! Am quite sure of that … and very jealous that you will soon be home … and I rotting in this godforsaken hole …

  5. u have been tagged…a recipe!! u’ll prolly get this when in the heart of vacation… now weka some home meals on it! have fun!

  6. Gal be there for ur family!! U shld be flattered that they actually come 2 u for help r just unleash stuff on u. That says alot. Embrace the part dear dont take it as a burden.

  7. i feel you. there are days that happens to me too. it’s agood thing. sshows how much they respek you. but don’t go too much out of your way…it umizas….and i should know. though it’s hardest to just lenga them. so it’s a fate you…we, have to suffer.

  8. Feel u sana..Are u in any case a first born??

  9. Hiya, It chanced that I found you website while I was searching sth. yep, I agree with your point that it takes time and energy on family trivia, I call which sweet burden.

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