Kenyan Bloggers Day

June 1, 2007

Happy Madaraka day to all of you gorgeous bloggers and the world at large.  This year I decided to do a post on Kenya for Madaraka day.  I couldn’t think of any poem that I liked that reflected my feeling for my country and I couldn’t find a picture that i felt encompassed my feelings for my country all in one frame.  My country is one of complexities and contradictions.  So I decided to do something I learnt in one of my courses – free association.  You have probably heard of it before.  You just put down anything you that comes to your mind when you think about whatever you should be writing about.  I know that Kenya is different things for different people, but this is what Kenya is to me.

sunshine, smiles, night air, laughter, love, music, home, purple blooms in October, mangoes, colourful matatus, dust, pride, kikois, beads, avoidable poverty, music, hope, life, family, strength, endurance, silly politics (oranges & bananas??), traffic jams, insecurity, traditions, culture, greatness, greenery, maasai market, highlands juice, hardship, determination, jasmine blooms, friendships, radio, crochet things – covers for watchmens radios, for seats,etc, so much crochet stuff, markets, complaints, potholes, no actual physical addresses, brotherhood, sacrifice, happiness, dogs, gardens, fences-barbed wire-security, toyotas (the car in front of you is always a toyota!), food, joy, preachers, dormans, movement, kiosks, coke kiosks that don’t sell coke, super loaf, blueband, dance, early morning sun, children playing, news, peace, quiet days, trees, humanity.

I could go on forever, but I should stop at a place.  And that is my kenya in a few words that may not seem to mean to much, but to me, each word on here has a special place in my Kenya.



  1. Fao!1

    And happy Madaraka day o gorgeous Kipepeo …

  2. mangoes, Indian Ocean, coconuts, lake victoria, dust, traffic jams, trees and lots of trees, shades, people everywhere, slow-paced life, naps, high school, oranges and bananas (not the political ones), chibas, chips masala, mango chutney, traditional music from different tribal groups playing at hair salons, or upcountry busstops, kanges, ma3s, passion juice

    I sorta looked at ur list… and this is mine 😀

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