May 26, 2007

I really should be working on my paper that I have to send my lecturer tomorrow before midday seeing as I have a progress meeting with him on Monday morning…early Monday morning! But…hmmm my paper is not what I’m doing. So far I have watched miss Potter today and pride and prejudice yesterday, cleaned up my room…well apart from my desk. My desk is strewn with stuff! Stuff for my paper, my notes, books, Maasai’s (my mum sent me a postcard of Maasai morans and signed it “young Kenyan men” – me thinks she’s trying to hint something…), headphones, speakers, gum, camera, stress ball, hair brush and other hair paraphernalia, pens, pens and more pens…well you get the idea…my desk is a mess!!

So anything but do my paper is what I have been busy doing. So to get my head to the PAPER, I shall put down a few things that I like that begin with the letter “p”…just to prove the letter “P” isn’t all bad and by extension, my paper isn’t too bad…yes I know. My mind works in strange ways…so…

PURPLE – I like the color purple…its all royal and important!! But can be fun at the same time…purple is a cool color indeed!

PAPILLON – yup the french term for butterfly!! It’s also used to be the name of a restaurant that used to be in Westlands like where nando’s used to be (apparently nando’s isn’t there anymore too). Anyway, when I was small my mum used to buy me sugar and jam donuts from there on Saturday afternoons after going to see random stuff at PARADISE boutique…which wasn’t really a boutique seeing as they sold furniture and old antique type things and the owner had the longest nails I ever saw with long curly hair and she grew bonsai’s.

POETRY – I like poetry. I like the play of words that come together and actually make sense in the most beautiful way.

PRINCE WILLIAM – I think he’s hot stuff…

PUPPIES – the sweetest things ever. Especially when they are trying to learn to walk and things aren’t quite steady yet…or when they just fall asleep in your arms…precious!

POSTCARDS – I love getting post cards in the mail!

Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump – Or to the normal person….Pippi Longstocking!!! I loved her when I was a little person. Her cool pig tails and skating on soap suds…the height of cool!!!

Aaaand thus ends my “p” list…just can’t think of any more “p’s”…but you are all welcome to add on to it if it takes your fancy…



  1. pananas? They taste good 🙂

    lol…pananas!!! hihi…great rendition M!

  2. lol, ur mom has jokes ati kenyan men? lol!! Good luck with your paper!! P is for perseverance 😉

    Yes my mum does have jokes! Thanks…perseverance is indeed needed!

  3. dangle a carrot … in front of a YOUNG KENYAN MAN … with a glaring omission … will he take the bait?
    Of course!!
    “P” for PUCK … u know … that ice hockey thingy … u know, the one that’s POUNDED into the goal …
    Oh, the POWER of the “p” !!

    lol…your carrot ideologies are great!! ice hockey…seeing that I am in Sweden…home of ice hockey…good one!! and the whole pounding into the goal just makes me have a little more grrrr for my paper!

  4. P for Procrastination and P for Pressure to complete that paper ASAP!! Last but not least..I had to say this..P for Princess..LOL!!

    lol…princess…of course princess had to be wedged in here hihi!! pressure and procrastination! The latter shall be overcome!

  5. @Mwangi..you are such a riot!!

    isn’t he?

  6. P for Plains when the mind is so full and feel down standing on a plain and watching the earth and cloud meet at the furthest end is refreshing while closing the eyes and enjoying fresh air beat your face.
    Now mum is hinting yes.. Lol M ati Pananas.

    aaawww…gorgeous in the calmest way!

  7. @ P … C’mon now … it’s like those compositions in Primo … the ones they start the sentence and leave … 4 you to use ur imagination … I always aced those ones, I guess my imagination has carried over into other realms, ama aje Kipepeo? 🙂

    haha…I remember those primary school compositions. I wish life was still that simple. And yes mwangi, you do have an imagination for sure!

  8. P for pilipilli! aint he a cutey!
    Pilsner ice!

    Eish madamme….pilsner ice!! two weeks mami!! two weeks!! and im back home!!

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