May 25, 2007

So, hihi. There are some things in this world that are more or less universal and you can avoid lots of inconvenience if you just used some common sense. One such issue is rent contracts. We all know that contracts need to be canceled most times three months in advance. It goes without saying. See I am one of a number of exchange students here and we seem to get away with lots of things. Teachers tend to be more lenient with us, we get to use the excuse “oh I didn’t know, I’m sorry” alot and it gets us out of stuff. In general, being an exchange student is sort of like living in some random parallel universe. We get up at random hours, eat at random hours and sleep at even odder hours. We party a whole lot more and generally do stuff that we usually wouldn’t do in our normal lives and at our home institutions.

However, the housing agency clearly stipulates that rent contracts are to be canceled three months in advance. It is understandable and makes it easier for them to plan their stuff. In any case, they are rather nice here and because it’s summer time, the months of June and July are free – you would still be under contract yes, but you don’t need to pay rent. So if you generally know when you are leaving, just cancel your contract three months before then – simple. I for example know I have a bad memory and tend to forget dates and so I made sure I canceled my contract upon signing it because even though I didn’t know exactly which date I was leaving, I knew it was in June. Other people didn’t think. As a result, they are canceling their contracts too late and of course will have to pay for the month of August. They are all pretty upset about it because they will not be here then. But hello? IT WAS IN YOUR CONTRACT!! And now they are all rallying up to go to the housing agents in protest. How can you protest that? It was blatantly your fault and your own not thinking and like everything else, this has consequences. So I watch with a little giggle as they are planning to sign petitions and go speak to the agents. ha.ha.ha! I guess common sense isn’t that common!!



  1. You live without paying rent in june july? wow!!!you are left to wonder how someone just signs a contract bila kuisoma thoroughly. and they are going to protest?? LOLLL washindwe :-)Nice weekend girl!

    Yup washindwe! They are lucky I don’t work for the housing agency! Yup, aren’t they sweet…they don’t charge rent for the months of June and July…too bad I won’t be here to enjoy it though.

  2. Man, rent free for two months? That’s in the realm of fantasy!
    As for common sense, if it was common, we’d be calling earth Eden!

    lol…indeed it would be Eden! Are the Swedes not the sweetest?

  3. this reminds me I have to return a cancelled contract to our lease office, they need 1 month in advance.
    and kwanza those wajingas cannot let you breathe inside the apartment if your lease is over, lucky you – 2 free months
    enjoy your weekend

    lol…I consider myself lucky then…you best return ur cancellation asap then! I hope you have a great weekend as well!

  4. Ha!
    This is a tad sadistic …

    I don’t consider it sadistic my dear! It was all written in black and white on the contract which we all signed…how do you just sign stuff without reading?

  5. What happened to empathy? 🙂 You should be out there, helping those peeps, splitting their august bills and stuff …

    Hahahahaaaa!!! Funny!! empathy does not support the stupid!

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