May 22, 2007

I’m back! I took a mini trip with friends and it was great, but I’m back to normal stuff and was nicely welcomed home by my housemate…or rather THE housemate by being audience to her horizontal rhumba….LOUD rhumba! Not nice at all! But hey…three more weeks and it shall be all a thing in the past. I think I’m more than ready to go home now. I’ve met some pretty amazing people here, had some fabulous parties, done some really cool courses and learnt a whole lot in general. I really like Sweden and I am seriously thinking of doing my masters here. It’s a great place to live I think. Nothing like home, but really cool none the less. So, back to my trip…Went to Stockholm for the day Saturday, got on the cruise ship in the evening, spent the day Sunday in Helsinki, got back on the ship and spent the day monday in Stockholm again and got back Monday night. It was long, we got rained on alot, my feet and shoulders hurt because of carrying a back pack around, but most of all it was great fun!
In other news…sniff sniff…the season of greys anatomy is over! boo hoo!!! The last episode was amazing! And I can barely believe I have no greys anatomy next week! Everything ended like it wasn’t supposed to end.
And where is my Burke? The vows he wrote for Christina! My goodness…now that is the type of love I want if I believed in this thing called love. Talking about which…I was wondering about this whole issue of everyone having a soul mate…someone that you should be with. And irrespective of what happens, you know that you were meant to be with them. And how do you know when it’s them? And not take it fore granted and do something silly? Like…oh I don’t know, give up too easily. Or not be bothered to put in all you have. Or be too scared to even start anything because everything ends up in tears usually and so you don’t even want to go there. Or get too caught up with other things in your life to “go there” with someone. Or just don’t want to risk it.

Anyway…I’m really liking this song…enjoy….

cool song ODEO



  1. Am I first?

  2. Yes mwangi, you have started again……

    I don’t believe in the soul mate thing, life happens and we end up not being together!

    We shall be booking Kenya bus in three weeks to meet you at JKIA! complete with firimbi and banana leaves

  3. nice to hear you had fun!
    Soulmates?? how many can you have in a lifetime?

  4. Apparently (meaning I cannot vouch for this), there are soulmates and when you meet yours you will “know”. Methinks everything, including love, life, laughter requires work. The pieces dont just “fit” – you have to make them fit.

  5. Glad you had a BLAST and will be getting away from you roomie…
    The vows got to me too. I’m sure your Mr. Man is the works and will soon catch up with you!

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