Just me…

May 15, 2007

I was tagged by her ! So you shall all have 7 bits about me…

1.) Hmm…It’s hard to talk about yourself. It’s hard to talk about me. That in itself is number one. Apparently I don’t really talk about me too much. I may talk a whole lot, but not necessarily about myself and definitely not what I really think and feel or about matters that are too personal. Which by extension apparently bleeds into my having trust issues. Aaaaand apparently I come off as being a “b***h” at first. Then people get to know me and know different. I’m still wondering why that is so. Hmmm…

2.) People seem to have lots of faith in me…more so than I have in myself for most of the time. But knowing that all these people think I can do all these things even when I don’t think I can, propels me to do them and so its not too bad in the end. Only people don’t know half the time i really am scared of things and have no idea how I shall get round certain issues.

3.) Men in sweaters who smell nice totally sweep me off my feet! I love them, love them, love them (myself 2005).

4.) I miss to bits and pieces a certain someone in a certain place and I hate that there are seas and time zones that are between us. But this person makes me laugh, calms me and knows me to no limits.

5.) I hate people who are full of themselves and can’t stop talking about themselves but still believe they are modest and/or humble and then go on to talk about their “humbleness” and “modesty” irkes me endlessly!!!

6.) I loooove marmite! yes I do! Bite me!

7.) I looooove putting on eye shadow. I’m a girl like that. Aaaand I’m actually liking my natural curly locks… sneek peek that shall be taken down soon….It’s goooone!



  1. first!! hahahaha, you put up your pic? lol! lakini I already know how you look :-D, so no sneak peak for me!!
    adorable ๐Ÿ˜€
    love men in sweaters!! so warm and cuddly. perhaps when ur person crosses the sea to be with you, we can go on a double date? ๐Ÿ˜€
    keep being yourself, always when someone has so much trust in you, it does wonders in boosting your performance.

    I know you know! Not fair! double date sounds good to me. And people’s trust in me makes me do things that leave even myself in shock that I did it!

  2. Is that you for real, that’s bold – wait, ama you are pulling a fast and fake one…hehehe.
    Yep, men in sweaters – good sweaters. Warm and cuddly – my pals call them Teddies.

    Yup that is me! Aint I all brave!! Teddies! great name, might just have to steal that term now!

  3. Im the most modest person ever. The modestest in the world!!! ROTFLMAO
    You cracked me up with (myself 2005). Im stealing that one!!
    Sasa KippiBoo! Did you ever get the Nameless song “Karibia”??? It rocks over!!

    MILO! which rock have you been under?? No I don’t have Karibia…woiye si you send it to me? pretty please with tiramisu? It’s just that it’s you that I can stand you blowing your own trumpet. And you have permission to steal the self quote idea!

  4. Quoting yourself I see! I wonder if I have any quotable quotes…
    What kind of sweaters? Do checked ones apply as well?
    Sometimes people see in you that ka something that you may not see in ourself. It happens. But you should be glad that others see that potential in you.
    Never tried Marmite…

    Oh any sort of sweaters really! Can’t get enough! yum yum! Aha! I shall have to make you try marmite and watch your reaction!!

  5. @ Aaaaand apparently I come off as being a โ€œb***hโ€ at first. Wooiye! But atleast the ones who stick around long enough get to know the real you.
    Sweater eeeh!
    Hiyo ni wewe? praave!

    Yeah at least they get to know me and know different. But I just don’t understand why anyone would ever think that!!! Hmm…Yeah thats me….I am brave indeed!!

  6. #2 Describes me perfectly.
    #3 Time to add to my stock of 1!

    Lol! And good to know I’m not alone on #2!!

  7. awww galfie you looking good!

    aaaw thanks hun!

  8. Now lil sis let me build that boma for the cattle that your suitors shall be presenting when coming to ask for your hand….

    lol…making profits out of me a see…typical big brother bullying! hihi

  9. yeah, you looking good, glad i passed by before the pic went M.I.A
    now just mayb i’ll think of putting up a pic too, lol aaiii apana aint thaaat brave.

    aw go on….put a pic up. It’s such a thrill!

  10. Are you a Virgo?
    Your pic doesnt suggest any b-like tendancies…

    No I’m not, I’m actually a Gemini…two faced monster me! lol….yeah I am not a B…. At least I don’t think I am. Hmm…stereotyping is baad!

  11. Interesting and insightful peak into Kipeps world.
    Now, now, you can’t let “humble” and “modest” people who are full of themselves — like yours truly — tick you off…hehe!

    Well you my dear are too scrumptious to tick me off really…

  12. I missed the pic!! Is there redemption for me??
    I beg …

    haha…you snooze you lose!

  13. ahhhhhhhhh i missed picha bwana?!
    eyeshadow??? wow ๐Ÿ™‚ i like!!! sometimes when i am deadbored i put on make-up, yaani the full thing from foundation to mascara, then later i go wash it all off LOL!!!

  14. Darn..missed the pic!!! I too have someone I completely hit it off with, but he is in another Continent and it sucks!! It really does!!

  15. aahhhh…how did I miss that pic? Thanks for the wish! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. as i tafuta my sweater in the mess…and put it on alongside the cheap perfume…and smile a toothless smile…

    so these are the qualities of a beautyfly? i snoozed and i lost…DARN! being considered a b***h always happen first time round…unfortunately! marmite, haven’t tried it but having seen the ads…er…eeesh!

    oh, and me link has changed…couch has moved!

  17. I missed it! Too Bad! Will there be a next time??

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