glorious sun…

May 13, 2007

Would you believe it.  Yesterday right here in Nordic Sweden, the sun was out!  Ok ok it was a bit windy, but a friend and I sat on the kitchen balcony “studying” (yeah right) and soaked up the sun.  It was heavenly.  I actually got tan lines and I would put up a photo, but that might be a tad bit too revealing.  But who would have thought I would have tan lines from Sweden?  Gorgeous.  Today however, the weather Gods decided sun was not going to happen and so we are back to grey, windy Sweden.

And can someone please tell me what is so wrong with listening to Lionel Richie?  I think he’s great but apparently other people don’t seem to share my sentiments.   One more month here and I am looking forward to being home.  Not that I haven’t had a great time.  I have, but I could do with a home cooked meal and some tv on the couch.    Totally random point here but there’s a car that’s passed outside my window three times now…going in the same direction…and with that, I end my totally random post that was initially meant to be just about my soaking up the sun…oh well.  What’s a blog for if you can’t put in random irrelevant issues right?



  1. hilarious picture..hhahah..love it!
    theres nothing wrong with Lionel..dont worry bout the haters…!
    bout the car – glitch in the matrix…hmm?

  2. I love Lionel! his voice is so mellow!
    That car? iko kitu.

    Hilarious picture! can I send you some sudanese sun?

  3. Talk of cool cats!!

  4. Lionel Rocks!

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