May 13, 2007





  1. tagged u 😉

  2. Wow. I do hope they are paying attention, dont you?

    And I have promptly followed through…

  3. ok I don’t know maybe I just don’t get the use of derogatory terms, maybe I’m simply naive and stupid but to what end will this go on. Then you’ve ppl like Imus who are victims of terminology…WTF…
    He has skilz, that I’ll give him and I understand what he’s saying, don’t agree with it all…but some thesaurus would come in handy…ok Im done…

    lol…a thesaurus could come in handy. I hear you!

  4. That’s good stuff. Like Ichiena, I sure do hope those that need to pay attention.

    I hope the very same!

  5. hehe..we look alike

    lol…do we??? Interesting!

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