May they rest…

May 12, 2007

It’s fragile and its short….this thing called life…

It’s been a week since the crash. I’ve followed it till I find myself reading the same articles over again. I’ve had chills on and off this whole week just remembering it. I can’t even begin to imagine what family and loved ones of those lost are going through. How many times do I get on a plane. After getting through the terminal and everything. You finally get into the plane and you know wherever you’re going, is that much closer. The air stewards greet you on the way in. You find your seat, put your hand luggage away. Great, you got the window seat! Sit down, get reading material out, fasten your safety belt and watch the rest of the passengers come in and wonder who will sit next to you and hope it’s someone decent who won’t fall asleep on your shoulder or anything like that. Whoever sits next to you sits down and you wonder if they will be weird. He looks pretty normal. They close the doors and give you the little “in case of emergency” speech. The only thing I remember are the words “brace, brace, brace”.

The plane taxi’s out, accelerates and you take off. You watch the ground disappear under the plane as you are filled with expectation for wherever next you’re going. Waiting for the safety belt light to go off so you can recline your seat and get a little more comfy…. Then you crash and die? In 30seconds? Do you have time for a prayer? Hell do you have time to realize what’s going on? 30 seconds. Half a minute. How many breaths can you take in half a minute? Everything that was so important to you, waiting to land so you can make some phone call. Planning what you’ll do the next day. Everyday matters. Suddenly they are nothing and you are gone. I don’t know. This whole death phenomenon again proves to be too abstract for me to understand or even just be at peace with.

So light a candle, say a prayer, have a moment of silence – just to remember the 114 lives for them and their loved ones. Be thankful that you are here and have the chance to worry about mundane issues like a broken nail or missing the bus.

May they rest in peace…



  1. So sad…RIP

  2. May they rest in peace…

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