The nerve!!! warning! this is a long rant!!

May 9, 2007

It takes patience and courage to live in peace with housemates. I am not sure how well I am coping! So miss tampax, loud horizontal rhumba making us hear screams and moans in spanish and her own language that I am not too interested in hearing has got quite the nerve!!!!

So here is the situation. I clean. I walk around with bare feet so I like to have a clean floor to walk around in said bare feet! I try to not make too much of a fuss about stuff and so after a few weeks of cleaning all the dirty dishes in the sink because I just couldn’t stand it, I got used to just doing my own. I even got tired of throwing out milk or yogurt that has been in the fridge and is now curdling and slowly turning into a solid yellow goo. I cannot be people’s mother. But I do take it as an insult when one leaves tampax applicators (used!!!!), or dirty underwear all over the bathroom floor. Or when the sink is so full of blusher and foundation that you are left wondering if she read the instructions wrong and somehow thought that make up is best when applied onto a white sink….! who knows! I even turned a blind eye to beer cans (open beer cans) being left in the fridge for over a week. Or red wine in the fridge left to drip…I take a breath and clean it up and politely take the said bottle out of the fridge.

However, when I decide to vacum and mop up the floors, you just do not go trampling around IN YOUR SHOES on a floor that I am trying to mop. Then a week later, decide to clean the kitchen….shock, you even know where the mop is after …. oh 4 months!!! and then go and put this on the door…..


Then that is seriously taking the piss….”caution – clean kitchen”….this when the bathroom is in a state that a hurricane would envy! Oh she does have the nerve. And while she’s at it, could she get back all the dishes that she has left all over sweden or left to rot in her room for weeks!! Aaaand as for her p.s could someone please do the last bit of the dishes….uhm…Funny! very Funny!!! Her and her multiple personalities!

Did I mention said “clean kitchen”…ok, at least I shall give her that…it was clean. Anyway, clean kitchen doors windows, everything was left wide open!!! And said person with newly aquired cleaning abilities was not home. She who locks her bedroom door as soon as she steps out, myself and the other sane housemate see no need….well aparently she just gave us the need….hello…..laptops in open rooms and you go and as good as stick a sticker on an open door for anyone to come in and take what they want!!! I am not amused at all!



  1. LOL….kweli you have a room-mate and a half.

    Talk about having multiple personalities!!!

    TIHIHIHIHIHI…and I thought I had it bad when I used to live with other people. Having read this, I am now getting to appreciate my privacy much more.

    Maaan I cannot wait to live alone!!! Grrrrrrrr…. but my other housemate is really cool….we just have to respect other people…thats all…its simple really.

  2. Yaani how dirty do chiles get? I am amazed as to how her toilet seems to resemble the one in my local drinking hole

    Note we all use the said bathroom!! It feels like I’m playing hopscotch when I try and get through that mess coz aint no way in hell I’m going to pick that stuff off the floor!! And she’s a grown up…if she can live by herself out of mummy’s house, then you can figure to pick up after yourself!!!

  3. And the church said…wusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    I’ve been there done that with the roomie thing and I’m oh so glad I decided to go it alone way back when…

    Going it alone sounds like bliss!! wuuuuuussaaaaahhh….I needed that

  4. this roomie of yours is giving you too much domez, aye? Get ready to move when lease is up!!! Pole dada!!

    Oh, five weeks and counting!! half of one, I shall not be here…yes half a week makes a difference!!

  5. I cannot do the roomie thing..I did when I was in Law School and that just about did it for me. Your roomie is a piece of work kweli.

  6. Yikes, that roomie thing drove me so far up the wall i was no longer on the floor. I tried and failed miserably! 🙂

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