Of Kenyans…

April 30, 2007

Every now and then I look up Tim Metz and his experiences through Kenya and its really very interesting. I found a two part feature he did on Kenyans. He interviewed a group of Kenyans and basically asked them a series of questions. Here is the first one and here is the second one. The old cucu is adorable and the dude in the purple t-shirt is so cool.



  1. Ta for sharing! I’ve listened to part I…rather interesting. Now back to listen to part II

  2. I like the cucu. LOL@ What is comfyuta?

  3. butterfly, butterfly…it’s been a while since i was at your sanctuary…now off to listen to the extra long interviews…

  4. komfyuta ni do? she reminds me of shothe’s of shaggz.

  5. And that kijana has syke like a nonsense…kwani aliambiwa kuna doh? na kuna muthii mwingine kama sio mjaka sijui. LOL! thee shosho is priceless.

  6. watched the links. very interesting… ehh, and wakenya we know w’sup!! 🙂

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