April 26, 2007

Exam tomorrow morning.

Still debating whether or not to take on another course.

Can’t wait to go home again.

Too many papers to write.

I miss a certain someone.

I slammed my pinky in the door….ontop of feeling oh so silly it hurts.

I need for the weather Gods to grant me sunshine tomorrow….pleeeeease!!!??

Swedish fanta tastes weird.

Why can I not sleep in this country?

I am debating getting of a certain “B” train…I’ve been on it too long now.

After said exam from hell tomorrow I shall vegetate and do NOTHING in the sunshine that weather Gods shall grant me.

Maybe even have an ice cream while I’m at it.

I think I deserve it.

I am alive.

I am breathing.

I am healthy.

I am thankful for that.

I need ideas for a flower power party that’s coming up.



  1. All the best dear. Oh the poor pinkie, kiss kiss! As for the flower power party…hapo i am lost. I hope there is sunshine for you to bask in and grass to lie in.

  2. Well, well, well, where do I even start? Let me see…what I wouldn’t give right now to be in Svenska!

  3. Wish you all the best. I hope your stated wishes are coming true by and by 🙂 keep us abreast …

  4. sorry about the pinky and all the best in your mtihani! the sun ain’t shining yet in Sweden? pole oh…weather is superb here…27°C yaaaay – and its only spring, i wonder how summer will be. Forget drinking fanta in Europe, it tastes dilute with too much fizzzzz:-)
    Flower power party?? hmmm think ABBA. lots of punch with vodka mobbb LOL it will do wonders i say.

  5. All the best in your exams. Pole for the pinky. Alafu the B train, even just for a soda its ok lol.
    Am with chat, abba and and punch LOl

  6. All the best in your exams and have a nice party by the way what happens in a flower party?

  7. Hope your exam went great and that the sun gods granted you your sunshine! I can almost see you with your ice-cream..maaaaaaaaan now I want ice-cream!

  8. Hope the exam went well

    Karibu nyumbani

    It’s ok to miss me

    Woi…poor pinky, but you’re not stupid. I did the same thing last week!

    Leap off the B train in grand fashion!

    Yes you deserve an ice cream!!

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