April 21, 2007

Finally!!! Grey’s anatomy is back! I had almost forgotten how addicted I was. So this last episode was about history. Personal histories. And it is kinda funny how all this is coming to me now. I finished the Zahir a little while ago and in it, Coehlo also talks about personal history and the need to forget it – leave it behind so you can move on. I am going through that phase. I am finding myself and letting go of all my histories and as I have said before, I am enjoying it.

I was reading through my really old posts and I really had lots of history to let go. As I read, I went back to the point where I was writing those posts. When there were lots of tears and hearth ache, when I just didn’t know if I was coming or going sometimes. But its fine now. I’m ok with everything. Life feels all fresh and new again. Once again I find myself smiling to birds chirping as I walk down the street, singing by myself, noticing all the little things around me that had seemed to have disappeared and the colours that had seemed all dull are bright again.

As I have come to understand, finding me is quite hard, I am like a needle in a haystack. But I did it. With the hot topic on aegus’ and majonzi’s blogs that have something to do with trust and getting into a relationship with baggage, I think I am done with the baggage issues and I am getting done with trust issues too. Of course if the trust isn’t there, I will not be either. And for the moment, I am fine with being me.

In other news, I absolutely love photography and someone I know just (well not just, but a little while ago) started a photoblog and I think he does gorgeous work!
Anyway, hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!



  1. First!!

  2. Grey’s Anatomy…never watched it.
    As for trust issues depends on an individual. There are those that r easy 2 trust na wengine may take forever.
    Photography is a work of art. EGM is my fav so far. Let me check out ya beste wako.

    Oh you should watch grey’s anatomy…I love it!!! I totally agree with you on the trust issues. I like EGM too…

  3. It’s terrible that anyone caused you tears and heartache, but it’s great that you’re now happy and enjoying life, and I am very glad for you.

    lol…yes it was “terrible” to put it in your words. But I’m great now. And a much better version of myself at that!

  4. Feels good to shed that stuff from the past off. New day new experiences, pole for the heartache lakini. Glad you found yourself dear, the harder task is staying centered, myself is struggling with that one. 🙂

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