April 17, 2007

It’s about damn time even though it does feel like its a trade off between human lives in Darfur and oh so precious Olympic games. With the games in China having the pathetic slogan “One world, one dream”…Shame on China!!



  1. You’re right, it’s a crying shame! China, as it has demonstrated in it’s own country with it’s own citizens, does not care about human rights.

    And that’s why most African leaders, including Bashir, are eager to do business with it because “it asks no questions about human rights.”

    Hopefully the influence of Spielberg, Farrow and others goes beyond the olympic games and brings about some real changes in China’s policies.

    Thanks, Kipeps, for highlighting this.

    I am hoping for the same…the tragedy of Darfur has gone way to far with the world watching and doing nothing! We just don’t learn….Rwanda et al…

  2. OMG! Bad China! Baaad!

    Indeed! China needs….I don’t know what they need but they need lots of it!

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