bathroom blues!

April 17, 2007

So I live with a female…dont know whether to call her a lady or a girl just yet, and a dude!  And we all share a bathroom obviously.  Now the dude and I get along just fine.  The girl, is the one who does the horizontal rhumba with doors open.  Apart from that, she seems to have the notion that she is the only one who uses the bathroom.  I have come to this conclusion because there is no way she would otherwise leave her dirty undies, strewn all over the bathroom, or her towel on the floor right beside the toilet for a couple of days, makeup  powder all over the sink to the point my other housemate thinks someone threw up in there.  The number of days he has needed to go to the bathroom and shot right out with help written all over his face and I have to go in there and pick up her bras and other stuff off the toilet.  But all in our stride.

Today however….was hillarious in a pathetic way.  There I was doing random stuff on my computer when my dude housemate msn’s me and asks whether tampox is what he thinks it is.  So I go, well, I know about tampax, but tampos…uhm…so he goes, well there is an empty pack in the bathroom, but thank god its empty.  I laughed it off and thought he just meant an empty tampax box.  Guys tend to get freaked even by the box.  So I went in a little later to have my shower and oh goodness…..girl has left her used applicator on the floor (guys I know this is too much info, but I need to vent)!!!  I would really like to know exactly who she thinks will clean up after her.  It takes patience to live with people sometimes, but if everyone just thought about the next person, then it would make things alot easier me thinks!!!

On a better note, I am loving the timbaland album and a new entry to my music is Norman Brown…who I am totally loving!!!  Have a clean bathroom day all….



  1. Damn!Maybe u need let her have a piece of ur mind! Jeez! Some people can be so inconsiderate!

    Inconsiderate feels like an understatement sometimes…

  2. I hate such flatmates – i have one who is exactly like that. the crazy one who always forgets her keys and always ends up buzzing my place for nothing 😦 her bathroom habits are nasty. I told her mpaka now i keep quiet. if i find her hairs in the sink i put them in her makeup kit :-)so evil, so good!just cant wait to move out.

    Haha…I am really liking your evil! Maybe I should have put it in her make up bag…hihi…now you have evil thoughts going through my head!!

  3. YAK…I’m a lady and even I’m grossed out by pads/tampoons etc…that’s just nasty and someone needs to have a talk with her…HYGIENE goes a long way man!!!

    Testify sister!! Hygiene does go a looong looong way! It’s even worse seeing it as a female – you actually know what it is!!! eeek!

  4. ive really chekad!enyewe we dont choose who we live with!but youre chic roomate needs to learn some manners!for real!this year mines not too bad!she used to dry her underwears in the sitting room!i didnt understand, especially seeing as she could have wekad them in the bathroom, her own room etc etc!

    Living room? how now? For real sometimes living with people is an art!!

  5. OH MY DEAR~

    That is some nasty shit!


    There goes my appetite

    Hihi…pole bout your appetite, I had to share my trauma! Nasy ish indeed!!

  6. Shame on that girl!! Y’all need to have a chat with her regarding her hygiene habits!!

    Shame indeed! if she would quite horizontal rhumabaing all the time, maybe we could get a word in….

  7. And she has a boyfriend?! Some dudes have no standards! I think a talking to is in order how someone can live like that, I dont know.

    But i dont think she does those things with him around! its way too gross!

  8. Baghdad in the bathroom hmmm! That is just plain lazy!

    Lazy doesn’t even cut it!

  9. Give her non negotiable rules which have to be followed hata monos behave well.

    we were thinking of sticking a sign up in the bathroom…please attend to tampon wrappings!

  10. EEEEWWW EEEWWWWW….to your roomy!

    Leave notes…..I found them to be annoying in a very effective way.

    p.s. dj mocha blog no more. change link to http://liciousphotography.blogspot.com Thanks! 😉

    yeah double eeeeeeew indeed! I shall seriously think bout leaving notes…thanks for the change of address, I shall attend to that!

  11. the note things works only with the same people. we have Somalis in our office building, and they don’t flush nor do they shut the door. Building manager had to deal with that one!!

    Now that is just plain gross!!! yuckkkkkkkkk

  12. that is so nasty, you should be working to getting her out. no one should ever have such bad bathroom manners.

    Only like a month and a half and I am out! I shall be grateful for normal bathroom habits once again when I leave!

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