April 12, 2007

Firstly I hope you all had and continue to have fun gizoogling stuff…talk about killing boredom when I should be working!!!  Then, don’t judge me, but kipepeo here is in possession of a 100 love songs album…while you are all not judging, don’t ask why…I just do!  One of the songs is by Billy Preston…never heard of him before, but his “mmmmm” is amazing.  I really mean his mmmm his song “with you I’m born again” he does this really cool mmmmm!  I just thought I would share that with you all.

Anyway enough with all that soppyness, I’ll leave it for the newly appointed “cuddles” – you know yourself!  So my tickets are all booked, home on the 11th of June…can someone say amen?!!  Both my housemates are away for a few days and I have the apartment all to myself!!!!  Well started off with scrubbing down the whole darn thing.  I don’t think it has ever gleamed like it is now.  And I am prancing and dancing in my clean and all to myself apartment!  It doesn’t get better.

In other news, I am debating with myself if I want to do a certain something or not.  I might just do it for the fun of it, but then again I still don’t know… hmmm moment!  Then sometimes I think I might like a person and then they just get really boring and uninspiring.  Horrible really.  Anyway, I just felt like posting something even though I really didn’t have anything to write about…but flutter dust all round!  Have a splendid Thursday!



  1. Now am missing home…Please stuff me in ur luggage!

  2. Happy Thursday to you too!! You’re going home in June? How exciting!!

  3. All the best with your trip!
    I am debating with myself if I want to do a certain something or not.
    There is nothing wrong with liking other women….lol!

  4. I wonder who this cuddles is…hmmmm?

    Cough cough! Kwani when was the last time you’all dusted? Cough!

    Do enjoy the trip home!

  5. Am I one of the newly appointed cuddlies? Pretty please? Hmm, I wonder what you are contemplating doing? If it doesn’t harm your person, go on!!!

  6. Hmm… Ala, Aegeus, I thought you were cuddles? But then again it could be Majonzi. Oh, well.

    Now, Kipeps, you wanna do what? Timeout, timeout, timeout. This calls for a sidebar… Otherwise hope you’ll have fun at home during the holidays.

  7. @farmgal…woi, i shall make space for u in my suitcase!
    @princess…yup june!! very exciting!!!
    @aco…haha…trust me, thats not it, i know all u men wish it were…
    @aegeus…hihi…at least its all sparkly now, despite a certain housemate stamping through the house with muddy shoes!!!grrrr…
    @majonzi…aaaaaw u can be a cuddly! my contemplation won’t harm my person no worries…
    @whispering inn…aka cuddles…hihi…im going to get this name to stick, u started it anyway!

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