fo shizzle…

April 9, 2007

OOOh someone sent me this this site that has had me in stitches all hangovered morning!



  1. hehe, gizoogling random stuff will have you in stitches. before you start, yes i blogged. now where’s my cookie?

  2. Seo!!! Now let me go laugh….i need it actually!

  3. Chick i am on the floor as i write this. Read my blog and yours and for shizzle! Hehehehehe 😀

  4. “When one knows thee, tizzle alien there is none, tizzy no door is shizzay . Drop it like its hot. …” wow! my vocab is 4 shizo!

  5. hehehehe… =))
    Now this is what we call funny.. Made my day.. 😀

  6. that site has cracked me up thoroughly! Now try gizoogling your own blog! Hilarious!!

  7. aYAIYAI!!! Gizoogling Bantutu…Saa ii..

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