Tongue attack…

April 7, 2007

So last night was the usual international party.  I was absolutely sober seeing that I had to do some work today.  But amazingly, I had a good time.  The music was fabulous (read no techno) and I danced myself away.  For the first time in a long while, I danced for more than just one song!  It was terrific!  WELL, up until….the tongue attack cue scary music.

So there I was dancing away and having a good time when the green mile crept up on me!  Who is the green mile I hear you ask.  Well there is this dude, well not a dude coz he’s like 40 something, more like old man.  Anyway, he’s the local salsa teacher and for some reason feels he is in his element with students half his age.  I call him the green mile because he looks like the big guy in the green mile.  He really does – trust me on this.  So anyway, as I was enjoying the music with some people looking at me wondering what had suddenly happened to me, he came up behind me.  Thinking I was the one he was going to bump and grind me.  I was not in the mood for bumping and grinding with a man old enough to be my father thank you so I neatly danced away.  But does he back off? noooooo!!  He comes back and this time sees it fit to stick his tongue in my ear.  I mean honestly!!!!!!!  I nearly threw up right there.  And as I turned to look at him like W.T.F? He bursts out in the most annoying giggle and comments how all this must be too hot for me.  Even my usually quick tongued self could not comment.  I just stood there astounded.  What do you say to an old man who sticks his tongue in your ear?

And with that my night of dancing away to good music came to an end.  HUMANS!!!



  1. Reminds me of a wet willie. All intended and unintended puns meant! 🙂


  2. So sorry about that dear. Glad you had a super time at the bash! ..something out of a porn movie… hmmmm?

  3. That’s some scary stuff! And here I thought the grinders were the worst variety!

  4. I think a swift kick to the nuts should have been in order!

  5. Yea, reminds me of some old man who was feeling soo smooth to a point he was teling me tye way he’s soo sure he was gonna get mt cuzo to bed with him that same night. WHAT CONFIDENCE! then he adds that he’ll slot me in the next week…can you belive men in their mid-life crisis? I feel you

  6. Ever heard of bitch slap?

  7. @aegus…lol…it felt almost as yuck as that!
    @egm…oh grinders are not half as bad as the tongue in earers!!! yes i just made up that word…
    @aco…man i wish i could turn back the hands of time to do that…oh man!
    @waxspell…eeeeeew!!! now thats even grosser than my tongue in earer dude…
    @bomseh…best believe!!

  8. Some things that happen on the dance floor … unbelievable!! Your composure on this occasion is admirable …

  9. bantuts.blogspot.com

  10. your self restraint is admirable
    his ways are naff….

  11. you were very calm. I am sure he would have had a large chunk of my mind. Whats with old men maybe a tad too sure, they disgust me esp old white guys yikes! hey think every kenyan gal dreams of them. all wrinkly and stuff yew.. nuff said. ‘Ta

  12. How annoying!!!

  13. Pole sana. I agree with Aco — a swift kick in the unmentionabos (Milo) would have been in order. Or a really good well-placed slap across the mouth!

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