Random thoughts…

April 5, 2007

So this morning like I do on many occasions, I woke up, switched on my computer, had a shower and got myself ready for a day of work (refer to my last post!). But before I did that, I checked my mail and the news. The Kenyan newspapers with the front page that has a photo of some man with oranges all over his head (only in Kenya lol) and lots of talk bout ODM, Kibaki ignoring Museveni, the shilling weakening to the dollar and the usual Kenyan drama. Then I moved onto BBC and specifically Africa. It was such a nice feeling to look for Kenya in the headlines and find only the story bout Virgin starting their new flight route to Kenya in June which will be great! Some airline competition is needed! And that was it from Kenya. No major disaster to report, just good news! Then I scrolled down and there was an article about identity. It is truly inspirational, – of a woman speaking out despite her fathers old ways, against values that have become outdated… I make my own decisions and I have no apologies for living my life to the full” as she puts it.

And this just makes me smile. I’m taking a course in sociology (fascism and modernity etc) which is proving to be really interesting and so it’s making me pick up all sorts of books from the library. The other day I picked up voices of the poor – can anyone hear us? . And it’s basically about poverty from the eyes of the poor from all over the world.

It really made me think.  The little things that I take fore granted.   To be able to walk down to the shop to get a bar of chocolate as a treat as I study…

“When I leave for school in the mornings I don’t have any breakfast.  At noon there is no lunch, in the evening I get a little supper, and that is not enough.  So when I see another child eating, I watch him, and if he doesn’t give me something I think I’m going to die of hunger.”  – A 10 year old child from Gabon (taken from said book)

Even though I sometimes get worked up about all these deadlines I have and the workload from school, I eventually will have my education and leave my mark on the world in some way…

It is wasting money to educate girls because they will marry and join another family.“...South Africa 

I could go on and on, there are so many quotes that have touched me in this book.  As you all have a great easter of plenty, take a moment to remember those who may not be privileged.  As for your having what others don’t, be grateful.

Have a beautiful Easter….



  1. First – Wacha i go read.

  2. “It is wasting money to educate girls because they will marry and join another family.”…

    How now? Not true. What about those men that marry and only support their wives and her family? The quote is biased.
    Education should be for all. Once one is educated he/she can make decisions on how well to use what they have.

  3. You educate a woman and you educate a family….nuff sed!

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