rocking the Swedish streets

March 27, 2007

First off….Eric Wainaina!! Man is pure genious! My dear mother sent me his C.D…its been on repeat ever since…the whole cd is brilliant! And it’s rare that I think a whole album is great, usually its just a few songs. Right from the first track twende twende to the last song, it’s got my spirits soaring and feeling great to be from the same country as him.

Talking about my country in Africa…Africans can be strange. Recently I’ve been feeling a tad bit homesick. I’m used to being out here on my own, but sometimes homesickness bites a bit. I think its just too much rock and techno and not enough real clubbing feelings…even if they play a song that I like, the fact that everyone is just sort of throwing their hands around and jumping against the beat just spoils it and I really don’t feel like dancing anymore.

So anyway, today I went on strike and refused to go to school. I’ve been working too hard…sunday’s in school till 8pm included and I could afford to miss todays lesson which wasn’t too important. So I took myself into town. Without anyone to rush me or make me feel like I’m spending too much time looking at some things and not enough time at others, I was free to window shop at my own pace. The sun was out, had my sunglasses on, yes the sun was that bright and I’m loving it. So I went around town, bought myself a few little things to make me smile. After hours walking around, I really could not be bothered to walk 30minutes back home, so off I went to the bus station to catch a bus. Standing there, my earphone fell out of my ear and before I could put it back in again, I heard swahili. Now the last time I heard swahili was back home. Here, first of all I am the only black exchange student. Which really doesn’t bother me. And then the only other africans that I see are the broda’s! So swahili was great to hear and it was the coast/tanzanian type swahili. The one that makes me see waves crashing on a beach. So being me, I just had to say hello. Yes I did….bite me! I was missing home. They were three dudes and actually they were not from Tanzania or Kenya, one was from burundi, the other from somalia and the other one just sort of stood there smiling when I asked him, so I passed him over.

So I was like wow, great to see someone from near home and they seemed excited too. The usual – they asked me how long I’ve been here and what I’m doing, and I told them…and out of courtesy, I asked them what they do. According to them…”We rock the streets and meet people like you”…I was waiting for a burst of laughter which would lead them to confess that was a joke and say something decent. But nope! They were serious. And for a few seconds I just stood there expecting something….

I looked at them a second time and figured they could be serious. My excitement of hearing swahili had blinded me from looking twice at them. They were all in jeans that were like 4 sizes too big for them, sagging waaay bellow their behinds, t-shirts equally too big, right down to below their knees and just very gangster wannabe looking! Then I realised, even if I miss home, I just cannot “roll” with the likes of these characters. Thankfully my bus came, I said my goodbyes and left the three musketeers doing what they did best…”rocking the streets of Sweden”.



  1. Hey Peps! Hihihi!! Rememba? Welll amm you kno wat would have been realli gret? If they spoke sheng’ and they had realli tightt jeans(Pipe) complete with the saharas…heheh!! rocking the streets hihihi!!
    Aniwiay am hoping my comment goes thru…

  2. lol tuts! ur comment made it! And yes I remember. if they wore pipes and sahara lol…my earphones wouldn’t need too have fallen out of my ears for me to recognise them lol…

  3. Even Wainaina’s first album rocked, the content and quality of the production, wawaaa! I have to get the new one too. As for those dudes wachana nao – misrepresenting more like it! Tsk! Tsk!

  4. im the only one that doesnt gich eric wainaina

    -have u met another pair off lips of late. inside joke LMAO

  5. Eric has talent…i like his cd too.
    those baggy jeans piss me off big….ati rocking the streets! sheeeesh

  6. hope you meet some good kenyans soon.
    i’m sure you’ll feel better as the weather improves. i still miss home more during the cold time…

  7. LOL…”rocking the streets”. WTF? I don’t blame you for moving right along. It’s sad when you meet people from home and you get all excited, only to have your spirits crushed the instant they open their mouths to talk to you. Pole mami

  8. Eric’s first ulbum rocked I Havent got my hands on da new one though!
    Pole kwa kumiss home!!

  9. If there is anything i would rough up my brother for is saggin jeans and yet it is a stage dudes pitia (you wonder why). They should ask Nick the Gich what to wear (LMAO). I loved Erics ni nchi ya kitu kidogo. If only you could understand Kyuk then you would love Harry Kimani too. Keep rocking….

  10. I met a kid on campus who had only been here for a week, and he was already speaking “gangsta”. A month later, he had dropped out of school, and I saw him “rocking” a grill at the club. I could barely recognize him– ubaya is most of these kids come from very good homes back digs, and they are making the ghetto lifestyle a fabulous one. tsk tsk

  11. @aegus…misrepresenting is a subtle way to put it! lol…eric rocks go forth and get his album!!
    @tato…ur very silly….and how can u not get eric? tsk tsk…we need to have a serious chat
    @chatterly…lol @ sheesh, its been a while since I heard that…yeah rocking the streets…???
    @adrian…yes definitely when its cold i really miss home…and after that encounter I gave up on meeting kenyans…techno will have to do while I’m here…
    @sisbigbones…woi…man my world just crashed right there! sniff sniff
    @klara…oh please get the new one….yum stuff right there
    @shiroh…i hope those goons pass that stage although they did look beyond the sagging jeans age…oh i understand kikuyu and I looooove Harry kimani!!!
    @majonzi..lol making ghetto lifestyle a fabulous one!! good one…its really sad!! as if gangstrism is a profession!

  12. Oh Eric and am with shiroh on Harry Kimani those two and others make music all that. Nothing like a love expressed the african way.
    Sagged jeans smh!

  13. Hi kips!I have been shamelessly popping in and outta here(got to admit)and today i just had to leave a comment!Nice post and yea Eric wainaina rocks i’ll make sure to get the whole album.he really does make one feel proud to be kenyan.
    Hmm..strange is not even the right word to start describing some africans kwanza the uwanabe, it really puts one off. brodas r gud @ it n they esp. like to put up a front for the scandinavians.but hey despite this am proud to be who i am my color,continent,country etc anyway, just as a by the way, r u coming back to suomi??

  14. Eric Wainaina is nothing short of amazing! I’ve only heard a couple of tracks from his new album though. Your new pals are too loose. Funny though

  15. I need some eric stuff then…I think I only know one or two of his songs.
    Rocking the streets ..lol

  16. Eric is great keeps on getting better…..

  17. Farmgal, talk to me nicely, I have his Sawasawa & Twendetwende CDs….nice music, very refreshing to hear a kenyan singing sense and not the usual “njoo hapa nikuonyeshe nyoka mwenye jicho moja”. 🙂

  18. Eric’s new CD is really good. Dude’s got talent.

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