it is what it is

March 25, 2007

Like smoke blends into itself, I feel like I could blend into him.

For so long we have had our souls running into each other,

for so long we keep going back.

We leave,…but we go back.

He is where I can rest.

Be at peace with myself and just be.

From so far, his voice calms me,

like that moment you close your eyes to fall asleep.

I may try and fight it, but he knows me.

He knows who I am,

what I am going to say next.

And in its own daunting way, I enjoy it.

I don’t want to and cannot always be like the sun – always shining

he lets me have my stormy days

complete with angry clouds and storms.

He knows me.

And for once,

I’m glad someone does.



  1. Its so lovely have enjoyed reading this and am happy for you that you happy.

  2. Amen. my sentiments exactly… Glad doesn’t begin to tell though it will do for now.

  3. And Let’s all say: Amen!! Halleluyah! Tha prayer was answered!
    Lovely Though! Good Luck!

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