March 18, 2007

new kids on the block – step by step

check out the dance moves!!! who remembers the cartoon? this video is hilarious



  1. i loved this song. mpaka i wekad it on my IPOD

  2. I penda this song.

  3. Ah the good old days! That song really is cheesy now.

  4. All my High School buddies loved New Kids On The Block!!! This song took me back!! I still remember those dance moves but don’t tell anyone!!

  5. Me too! Still listenin to it

  6. talki of going waaaaaaaay back into time!

  7. @udi…lol…now I might put it on my iriver too…its the hottest thing ever!
    @aco…even now its cheesy to the point of coolness!
    @princess…hehe…si you record your moves, put them on youtube then give us all the link? go on…i can tell you really want to!
    @stwap…don’t you just love it!
    @archer…it is definately going way back…its such a “tech” song…if you remember the phrase!

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