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March 9, 2007

I lost my phone…yes I did!!  I dropped it somewhere and all of a sudden I didn’t have it with me anymore…I must say, it wasn’t too bad being without it.  I thought I would go crazy, but I must say it’s quite liberating.  I didn’t have to communicate and i had a perfect excuse not to….”my phone was lost”.  Later on, on the day that I lost my phone, a few of my friends here in Sweden got calls from my phone.  Apparently somebody had picked it up and was trying to get in touch with me and said I should call them back on my number.  I did, but I guess my battery had died and so my phone was dead and I couldn’t get through.  But I knew I had lost it somewhere in school.  So for a week I was phoneless knowing someone had my phone but I didn’t know who or how to get in touch with them.  So I went to the school reception to leave my contact details in case someone dropped it off and voila!  The receptionist said someone had called about a phone, so she called him as she had his details and yes he did have it, I was directed to where I could find him….a nice older man who didn’t speak a word of english and there he was standing there with my phone!!  So if I ever find anyone’s phone I shall do as this nice person did to me.  It’s amazing how the Swedes are so honest.  He took care of my phone and was really trying to get hold of me.  It’s amazing.

In other news….I feel stalked…  Yes I do…  My upstairs stalker now knows when I’m home or not and I get comments of “oh where were you yesterday?  You were not home”…uhm…so?  So the other day he invited himself over…oh by the way, this is the dude i wrote about who just invited himself over.  He actually lives in my apartment block a floor up.  BAD!!  So yesterday after he invited himself over, he practically marketed himself to me.  I really felt like he was selling me a product.  In this case himself.  I very blatantly told him i am not at all in the least bit interested with a relationship to which I got the response “I can change your mind”.  NO YOU CANNOT I wanted to scream back.  But I’m too nice, so I sat there, trying to smile and said, actually, I doubt you can – cue obvious fake smile!  So by the time I came up with an excuse as to why he has to go, he asked yet again….So…when will you have changed your mind, by the end of this month?  I have never met anyone so pushy.  Geez!  Leave a girl alone would you!

And on a final note….guess who is taking a course in graphic design?  Yes siree….none other than miss kipepeo herself!  It’s lots of work and my concentration levels have been at an all time high, but I am actually enjoying it and seeing something I created actually down on paper.  It’s rather cool..

Have a super weekend all….



  1. Pole sana bout the stalker, do you think he has a hole in his floor so he can hear when you come in?
    I have to laugh at the way he “sold” himself. a dude is meant to sneak his way into your heart; not brute his way in.
    Best of luck with the course!

  2. About the phone..well that is Sweden..Come to any part off Africa thats when you realize that being honest and caring is the last an African especially one trying so much to survive would do

    Even though you are ready to give a reward higher than the price of the phone, i don`t think you would have it back..U know men..when he is down for you, man!! he doesn`t want to give you the simplest of breathing spaces..he feels its you currently on all his agendas…but if you think yo not gonna make up yo mind any time soon or even forever,then tell the guy man!!

  3. ……..and by the way he should be really following you up sana..imagine he won`t sleep till you finally make it home!! woooh!!

  4. @aco…holes in floors….wow…dude, maybe he does!! lol at bruting his way into a heart…that is so what it felt like.
    @eddie…best believe I would never have ever seen my phone again if I was in Africa. As for the dude…I have told him! I just don’t know how else to put it to him if blatant doesn’t work with him. There is no question of making up my mind, it’s already made up….no way!!!!

  5. That is encouraging about the phone. Leave alone Africa, here in the States for that to happen would take a miracle from God that the right kind of person picked up your phone. Otherwise once its lost, better get a new one.

    Pole for the stalker. If he insists you could always alert security or something.

  6. That ws nice of the Swede! wish evry1 ws as kind here. Like the bastard who stole my licence n ID…

    As 4 ur stalker…c me on the side. will tell u what 2 do with him…heheee

  7. I am so glad that you got your phone back..that was really nice of the guy!!! As for the stalker..that sucks!!

  8. About the phone, you have been very lucky!! I think here in Italy you cant’ be so lucky. If you loose something, you loose it forever. Great old man!
    About the stalker, you can kill him ehehehh
    …and Good luck with the course

  9. woi babe stalkers are real huh…sorry…was supposed to be studyin but ended up caught up in the web.I love this site I got distracted for a min an a bit..I think i’m going to get it as a podcast though it does seem a bit ambitious…


  10. Am movin to Sweden!!! Here once u lose it in any public n sometimes even private places u count it gone coz no one’s ever gonna call u with it!!
    Huyo Stalker! Ambush him! LOL

  11. Wow! That was good of dat guy! I have lost so many phones, If I was swedish I would be richer!
    That Stalker story is depresin! Pole sana

  12. @egm…its great to know that there are still decent humans walking the face of this world…indeed, if it gets too much, security shall be alerted!!
    @Unyc…testify sister, now how do i see you on the side…as for the bugger who stole ur license, may he be swarmed with 20 thousand ticks!
    @princess…he is a nice guy…stalkers suck man!
    @roberta…thanks roberta…oh i know all about italians!
    @machozi…that site definately rocks…thanks for giving me another distraction from what I should be doing…although its an excellent distraction..
    @stwap…I am also thinking of just refusing to leave this country, now all it needs is some sun! I’m not sure if i want to ambush the stalker…but if you want to do it for me?…smile smile…hint hint
    @klara…I don’t usually loose phones, so I was heartbroken for a hot minute…the stalker is vomit inducing!

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