Am I glad this has passed

February 24, 2007

I found this somewhere in my files…I had written it some time ago….man were my feathers ruffled…I was not a happy camper….I’m glad to know that I don’t feel like that at all anymore….That was too much hate and anger for a happy sunshiny person like me….

No I don’t wish you happiness wherever you are like all those soppy poems

No I don’t wish you are smiling wherever you are

I don’t

I wish you as much hurt as I feel

I wish you longing and anger

Confusion and a sense of loss

I want you to cry yourself to sleep every night

Wake up with puffy eyes

Just to remind you that you cried yourself to sleep the night before

I want you to feel my pain with every step you take

Every time you almost forget the pain and begin to laugh,

Then remember the hurt

There is definitely a thin lie between love and hate



  1. Wow!!!! Glad you aren’t in that space anymore although we have all been in the position where someone hurts us so badly that we wish them 100 times more pain than we have had to endure!!!

  2. I feel you gal. It does happen then when you realize it aint worthy you smile and move on. When you in pain you can do alot than one can think.

  3. I should have read this mid Last Year!

  4. Glad it’s over and you re-directed that energy so much so that you forgot you’d written that!!!

  5. It’s better to stay positive, inspite of the inevitable times when you want to do damage. That said, am glad uko poa sasa, endelea vivyo hivyo tafadhali …

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