February 21, 2007

So, my latest series vice apart from “what about Brian?”…Men in trees! Yeah what else to do when you don’t have a tv, but watch a whole bunch of series’s (whats the plural of series?). So this is what I do during those lunch or dinner moments when I would normally watch some good old tv, now I watch an episode of something. What a life! Aaaanyway. So….yes Men in trees….this woman/lady/whatever you want to call her…finds herself in Alaska in a little back water town village called Elmo. And she is finding herself…well trying to anyway. And I thought of me…this place is my Elmo. I’ll probably never see more than half of the people I’m meeting here ever again. They don’t know me, I don’t know them. And at the end of this, we all go back to our usual lives wherever that may be. And I am totally cool with that. And so far, I’ve gotten to like a bit of electronic music…yes how rather weird and strange for me to be saying this!! Gotten to hang out with some pretty interesting people….I talk to strangers more than I ever have in my life…probably because I know I’m leaving this place and…well, will never see them again. Plus I am hours and miles away from racoons

(in case you were wondering, racoons are people I need to be away from right now). The one in the picture above looks sweet doesn’t he? All cute and cuddly huh? Well he’s not! He can turn into this…

Anyway enough about raccoons.

There are indeed some totally strange, weird beings here, but hey more fun for me. And what is it when two people can’t stop falling into argument…not serious argument but like fun argument and actually looking forward to the next time it happens because these two people have been in and out of each others lives like for the past decade. But trully, I know…(yes I’m going to quit the third person, its getting complex to think how to phrase stuff). I know nothing can happen, we live two very separate lives going in totally different directions, unless we go out of our way to go into the same sort of general direction. But thats not going to happen because I’m finding myself right? Right! Our apartment got curtains last week. Did I mention that? Yes, the most hideous looking pieces of fabric on windows I have ever laid eyes on…but strangely enough, it feels a bit more homely. Ooooh the niftiest idea ever – our light switches are glow in the dark! How totally cool is that. I no longer have to go bumping into walls in the night on one of my pee breaks and wondering in the morning how I got a bruise. I can see where the switch is. Coolest thing since sliced bread. There should be a world campaign to glowerise (yes I just made that word up – bite me) all light switches for the safety of human kind!



  1. “Men In Trees” and “What About Brian” are two shows I watch on my laptop when I have nothing else to do!! Alaska is a beautiful place…the scenery always makes me wish I was there!!!

  2. quite strange, but however cute an animal looks, I dont really care… I am quite averse to the whole lot!! 😦

  3. Glowerise..heheheh…nice word…i shall use it…that is a super idea…me i **i know double whatever, sue me!** walk into walls and windows and whatnot while trying to find the door…finding light switch is too ambitious so some morning find me looking like i was in a bout with Tyson…might be worth fitting them…now who sells those in nai? LOL at the new curtains, photos?

    It is good you recognize the problem, not the impetus to change the stus quo is the problem, hmmm?

  4. Run baby run there is a racoon coming your way. Yeah the scratches they can give you they can be very painful and evryone will be looking at you were you trying to challenge a Tiger? Laughed myself our on the pee breaks I had one when I was young. Lovely weekend.

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