February 20, 2007

I went to bed fine last night…all chirpy and stuff….and what do I wake up to? Oodles and ooodles of snow….and for the rest of the day, it didn’t even attempt to stop snowing! So inhale….Fine…! I can live with that…just don’t have to go out right? After all I didn’t have class today right? Exactly, so do some assignments leisurely. Actually get something done…You know…no rush, just taking my time, bopping my head to my music as I do. Then at about 11pm, what do I find out? I have a test on thursday in Swedish! Nice! Considering that we have only been taught some ridiculous songs and basically apologise when we are late and how to say “open the book to page…” And at that point…I could have seriously just opened up the water works. Adding to that I get emails from non entities. And somebody I really want to, no need to talk to is not online. But I shouldn’t really be talking to them kinda thing for my sanity, but it makes me feel better and so I do. On a lighter note, yes I went and watched stomp the yard….the scene where all the frat boys are on the top of some hill aaaaall topless….eye candy hello!!! Storyline was quite drab, but the dancing was lush! So I give them that. I was all cheering in my seat. Couldn’t resist. But at least I know that tomorrow will not be too much better in terms of weather, so I shall know what to expect and expect to be burried in snow on the way to school! Oh the joys! Anyway, let me watch my favorite honda ad before I go to bed, it puts happy glowy feelings of joy in me which in turn will make me happy and not have any bad guy chasing me nightmares (of which I have had because I think I watch too much heroes…sylar anyone?!)….



  1. Two of my co-workers are hooked on Heroes. You should have heard them talking about it today…they were so into it I couldn’t stop laughing!!!

    Bundle up and stay warm!!!

  2. Ye, my housemates are all hooked on Heroes, and if they miss it they will watch it online. 🙂

    on snow, I hear we will be getting 12 inches of snow this weekend!! aaaaarrghhh.. can’t wait for the good weather, ama I will just buy a ticket to Kenya!!

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