Silly headmasters…

February 18, 2007

“Circumcising the boys before the KCPE results are out has proved disastrous because some fail to continue with education and instead plunge themselves into the miraa trade”….Ok, did a person actually say this? I think its just….I can’t even find words to describe what I think this story is….more here! I think it’s so silly!  



  1. Methinks it is more than just silly. It also is discrimination and being backward. So long as the head upstairs is right, learning shud continue.

  2. @bomseh…lol at the head upstairs…yes methinks it is just pathetic! How can that be cause for suspension…c’mon people!!!

  3. C’est bizarre!!!

    How do u fukuza sme pple coz they hvnt passed thru the knife…N 2 think admin is 2 put order!!!

  4. u will be shocked at who else thinks the headmaster was right!! Its amazing how Kenyans have refused to have maendeleo. check the link to an article I wrote, and the response I received from the Kenyan community 😦

  5. @jules! I CANNOT believe some of those comments!!! In our times, with all the information we have around us, being who we are, can you seriously then go and say that what the headmaster did was in the boys’ best interests? C’mon people!!

  6. i heard about that wierd thing and i could not believe it!What kind of twisted ideas do people have? Gosh:-(

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