February 9, 2007

Yes….that is Rudy Younblood in all his glory!!!  Can somebody spell H-O-T!!!  Just watched Apocalypto….Well, let’s just say Mel Gibson does not spare any details whatsoever!  Literally, you can hear bones breaking, the sound of blood gushing out from wounds….blood splurting out of head wounds!!!  It was a blood bath!!!  But the star’s amazing will to live and to survive was really wow!  Anyway, I better not spoil it for those of you who havn’t seen it yet.  Just to let you know I spent a good part of it covering my eyes, biting into my t-shirt or mouthing “Oh my Goodness”!!!  The jungle is a dangerous place to be in!



  1. Muito gorgeous… might could you have any pics of him in state of undress? Can’t wait to see the movie. Thanks 🙂

  2. I watched it! Great but a bit graphic what with the headchopping and when she delivered the baby…I went with a guy friend and quarter way thru he so wanted to leave but wouldn’t for fear of me calling him a woosie LOL great movie though

  3. Hoootttt diggety-daaaaamn…this dude is fine!!!

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