Random conversation

February 8, 2007

This was a random conversation I had as I left my swedish language class that left me thinking…huh?

Me : (Trying to find a dustbin to throw away my doodling papers) 

Random person : Hej (practising his swedish on me)…whats your name?

Me : Hello, (I had had enough of swedish for the day thank you very much) Kipepeo

Him : Rose?

Me : Uhm, no…ki-pe-peo

Him : Oh ok (not attempting to repeat it coz I bet he still didn’t get it).  My name is…….I’m from Nigeria, where are you from?

Me : Oh, ok, I’m from Kenya…

Him : Kenya? WOW! (yes it was a big wow!)  you live in 20A!

Me : Uhm, yeah (he doesn’t waste time does he?) How-did-you-know?

Him : Oh I’ve seen you.  So do I have permission to come to your house?

Me : (did he just ask for permission to come to my house?) Uhm…(trying to find a response)...yeah I guess

Him : Ok, I shall come before the week finishes

Me : aaah, ok…?!! Well have a nice day, I need to get to a class.

End of conversation.  Did he just ask for permission to come to my house and then actually tell me he shall be there before the end of the week?  And hello!!!  You don’t just tell people where they live, ever heard of…”oh I’ve seen you around” or something to that effect!  Oh well, we shall see what holds in store “before the week ends”…lol



  1. Just invited himself to your diggs didnt he?

  2. LOL!! Dude doesn’t waste time. So what pray is his agenda once he comes to your house before the week ends? Don’t be surprised to hear “Woman have you cooked?! You knew I was coming over!”

  3. Daaang…I’m still laughing!!! What is with some dudes inviting themselves over?!!

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